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Funny Halloween Parent Stalking Story

Published by Emelina Hopskins

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Parents Don’t Know What’s Best

The story I am about to tell is embarrassing for me because it was in front of my friends and that’s just cruel but I guess part of life.

Anyway, my eighth grade in school, I was invited to a Halloween party. I was a little unsure why I was invited on the account of I wasn’t a cool kid and they were. Parents were also invited, so the parents would mingle while the kids would go trick-or-treating. But my parents thought otherwise. They didn’t trust the kids I was with so they thought they could be sneaky and follow us with the car as we went along. It was obvious that they were following us, turning the lights on and off when they moved behind us.

So embarrassing as this was someone suggested that we try to lose them so we made our way to another friend’s house down the street. Being 8th graders we were all dumb and forgot that we needed a key to get inside. So my parents wondering why we are standing on the front porch of this pitch black house pull up on the street and try to look, then taking off down the street. After 2 more minutes of waiting on the porch they pull up again and yell my name and say get over here! I was furious. I stormed over to the car and got in and yelled at them for stalking me in front of my friends.

The good news: they felt bad and got me ice cream.

The bad news: I never heard the end of it.

It’s one thing to be embarrassed in front of your friends but another thing to be embarrassed by your parents.



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