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Funny Jon and Kate Plus 8 Halloween Ideas

Published by Esperanza Derosa

Kate Gosselin wig for the 2016 Halloween season, the possibilities of Jon and Kate Gosselin Halloween costumes are endless. Once you’ve bought the Kate Gosselin wig from BuyCostumes.com, you can choose to get creative with your Jon and Kate theme for Halloween.

Costume #1: Plain Kate Gosselin

For the regular Kate Gosselin look, you can use Google Images to find images of Kate and imitate one of her regular outfits for Halloween – something appropriate for the October weather in your area. In warmer areas you can wear long jean shorts and a copy of her go-to coral short sleeved shirt. Complete this look with a dark fake tan that will be obvious even at night, and a pair of sunglasses. If you’re detail oriented, Kate wears S4 Optics sunglasses.

Another appropriate and timely Kate Gosselin outfit would be a dark denim skirt paired with a pink t-shirt, a red leather jacket and white sunglasses. This look was photographed at an airport right after Kate was accused with sleeping with her bodyguard.

(Cruel take: find a willing kid who wouldn’t mind being yelled at up and down the street, pretend to control their every move and scoff at the types of candy received at each house, just loud enough for the home owner to hear.)

Costume #2: Jon Gosselin

Anyone wanting to dress up as Jon Gosselin this Halloween will have an easy time pulling off the post-Kate d-bag look. If you have some extra money this season, pick up the most obnoxious Ed Hardy shirt you can find, or look up images of Jon on Google Images and try to buy one of his exact shirts. If you don’t want to spend money on an authentic Ed Hardy shirt, and who can blame you, a cheap knock off tattoo art t-shirt will do. Pair that with jeans with a nice wash and try to find a wig with dark hair – preferably short and balding. You can carry around a cigarette for an added touch.

(Cruel take: For this Halloween idea to really work someone dressed up like Kate should be with him, yelling at him and belittling him the entire evening. Make sure Jon walks behind her a bit, and have Kate throw in a bunch of HELLOOOOOOs. )

Costume #3: Frank-N-Kate

The Frank-N-Kate look can be pulled off with a Kate Gosselin wig and a regular outfit, but with dark demon eyes and bloody lipstick. Yellow demon contact lenses would really make the costume. Make sure the rest of the outfit is normal, and then put on your best bi-polar performance.

(Cruel take: Blow up and print out a life-sized picture of Jon Gosselin’s head from the neck up, glue it onto a piece of cardboard, draw Xs over the eyes and make the bottom of the neck bloody and then walk around yelling at it.)

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