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Games with Animals: Family Game Night Theme

Whether a family likes board games, card games, or dice games, family game night can be themed by animals.

There are many different types of games which include animals. For a family who loves all sorts of creatures, making family game night into an animal game night can be simple. Choosing which animal game to play on this night may be the hard part. The following are suggestions on various board, card, or dice games and some fitting snacks to munch on while having a wonderful time.

Card Game of Snorta

Snorta is a hilarious card game for the whole family to play. This game of animal sounds offers lots of laughs for the players. Racing to make a moo or a quack or an oink when trying to get rid of a pile of snorta cards, players can’t help but to have fun. Each player receives one of twelve miniature animals and a barn to hide it in. While snacking on pigs in a blanket (Vienna sausages wrapped in dough) or animal crackers, children and adults will enjoy being part of a barnyard.

Mouse Trap Board Game

Since 1963 families have gathered together to build an intricate mouse trap. This entertaining board game can be played while serving crackers and cheese. All the mice playing will certainly appreciate that particular treat. The object of the game is to be the last mouse left un-trapped. Players will hope the sound of a mouse will only be heard by the squeak of the crank and not the squeak of their tails being caught in the trap.

Skunk Dice Game

If players feel they stink at board games, Skunk would be a perfect game for them to play. It’s all about the roll of the dice. Although a pair of ordinary dice may be used if Skunk dice are not available, the images of skunks replacing where the number ones should be, add charm to the game. Black and white treats, like Oreo cookies or vanilla filled chocolate cupcakes will keep high rollers going. But they better be careful because if they roll a skunk they receive 0 points for their turn. If they roll double skunks they receive 0 for the game and need to start again. That stinks!

Don’t Bug Me Card Game

Don’t Bug Me is a spin on the simple card game of fish. Cards of this game are illustrated with different bugs. Instead of saying, “Go Fish”, a player without the matching card which was asked for would say, “Don’t Bug Me!” Gummy worms may be a fitting snack here. Don’t Bug Me also offers interesting facts about bugs on each of the cards.

Memory Matching Game

Memory is great learning game for children. My Little Pony is one of the many themes available in these matching card games. Although geared towards smaller children, anyone can benefit from playing this game. Recollection skills are being used, keeping the mind active and aware. A nice healthy snack like carrots and celery can be prepared while playing with these ponies.

Vintage Forest Friends Board Game

Created in 1956 by Milton Bradley, Forest Friends is still a delightful stroll through the forest. Offering mixed nuts or pieces of fruit during game play will add to the woodland atmosphere. Young children will quickly move from forest animal to forest animal along the winding path. This vintage board game can usually be found for sale on Ebay.

Ebay provides an excellent way to find interesting games to play. If a family is tired of playing the same old games, they can make a search for ‘vintage games’ and find thousands of new choices. There is something enchanting about playing an older unique game which makes family game night even more exciting.

Adding different themes and creative snacks can perk up family game night also. Games have been played for thousands of years. The interaction between players is a special connection which will allow this activity to continue on for years to come.

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