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Get Creative With Recycled Christmas Cards

Published by Marquitta Flot

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Every year millions of people send out Christmas cards to family and friends as a way to spread some holiday cheer, some whimsy, some religious and even cards with family photos fill holiday homes each year. But what about after Christmas? Christmas cards are hard to part with but keeping them adds to clutter. Luckily, Christmas cards can be recycled in a way that they can be enjoyed again and again.

Recycling Christmas Cards With Photos

Holiday photos have really become popular over the years. Pictures of a new baby or family portraits that adorn these cards are nice to share with family and friends and a shame to toss out. Luckily the pictures themselves are just the right size for small frames or can be easily placed in photo albums. Simply cut the picture out of the card or put the whole card in a photo album along with other holiday pictures taken that year.


Using Recycled Christmas Cards for Decorating

Many Christmas cards feature pictures by well known artists such as Thomas Kinkade that look really nice as part of any holiday decor. Place these cards in inexpensive frames for affordable yet tasteful Christmas decorations that can be changed year after year. Those who are crafty can get creative with decoupage and make all sorts of holiday items such as Christmas plaques and keepsake boxes. And as an added bonus, these can be given for Christmas gifts.

Save Money on Gift Boxes and Gift Tags With Recycled Christmas Cards

There is no reason to spend money on gift boxes and gift tags when old Christmas cards can be cut into interesting shapes and be used as gift tags. Christmas cards even make interesting gift boxes and are pretty simple to make. An added bonus-these gift boxes are already festively decorated so no gift wrap is required.

Kids Arts and Crafts

Kids love arts and crafts, and during the month of December the anticipation of the holidays combined with not-so-warm weather outside means finding a creative outlet is a must! Supply the kids with recycled Christmas cards as well as child safe scissors, glitter, glue and ribbon and help them create their own works of art. The only thing they need is a little imagination!

The holidays can be expensive, and finding inexpensive and creative ways to stretch the holiday budget by recycling Christmas cards is a great way to have a fun and fulfilling holiday season.

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