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Gift Finder Ideas for Anytime Gifts Under $25: Gift Guide of Unique Ideas $25, $20, $10 or Less For Any Occasion

Published by Ophelia Diponio

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On a budget? Few people aren’t these days. Family and friends usually already know who has the tightest budget at holiday or gift-giving time. Unique Christmas, birthday or other special occasion gifts don’t have to be expensive, lavish or luxurious to be remembered. The idea that someone took out the time to consider a thoughtful, practical or meaningful gift is really all that matters.

These ideas are very simple, most take almost no time to gather but will be used, remembered and appreciated by all who receive them. These are truly inexpensive gift ideas; many will cost much less than $25 to find. Bundle things with ribbons and bows when possible and always remember that it’s the thought behind the gift that counts the most.

Simple Food Gifts for Under $25

  • over-sized coffee mug filled with favorite candy
  • reusable Tupperware style containers filled with homemade treats
  • pretty glass bowl filled with fresh fruit
  • quantity of favorite nuts in a small decorative bowl
  • serving platter with homemade goodies
  • crackers and cheese in a small wicker basket
  • home baked cookies in a pretty reusable tin
  • mason jar filled with homemade muffin mix and instructions
  • cup and saucer or mug with a package of tea or coffee

Simple Clothing Gift Ideas for $25 or Less

  • few pairs of novelty socks
  • novelty T-shirt
  • sun visor
  • warm knitted scarf
  • pair of earmuffs
  • homemade crocheted slippers
  • necktie with a fun design

Gift Ideas for The Hobbyist or Special Interest Person for Less Than $25

  • blank DVDs or cassettes in a nice storage box
  • jigsaw puzzle
  • word game or crossword puzzle magazines
  • specialty baking tin
  • favorite sports team playing cards
  • bartender’s guide book
  • prepaid photo developer envelopes and/or a photo album
  • book on easy hors d’oeuvres with a package of cocktail picks
  • board game

Suggestions for Personal Gifts to Give for Under $25

  • framed photo of a favorite place
  • pocket Day-Timer with a few relevant dates entered in pencil
  • address book with a few key addresses entered in pencil
  • scented soap, loofah and candles in a small basket
  • travel book of a favorite destination
  • attractive note paper with pen
  • hair clips or accessories
  • medical ID bracelet or identification card for wallet
  • belt pouch for cell phone
  • travel mug
  • model of the first car ever owned
  • eyeglasses case and/or eyeglass cleaner with cloth
  • pocket style compact mirror
  • pocket folder for public transit pass, bus tickets, subway tokens, etc.
  • keychain or “add-on” for keychain

Practical Household Gifts for Under $25

  • novelty kitchen gadgets
  • menu planner blank pages for a year
  • set of decorative coasters
  • set of Christmas kitchen towels
  • new wall calendar with a favorite subject theme
  • set of placemats
  • clothing lint roller with refills
  • caddy for electronics remotes
  • post-it note dispenser with refills
  • spoon rest for tea bags and teaspoons

Simple Decor Gift Ideas for Less Than $25

  • Christmas ornament for the year
  • small potted plant
  • flower vase
  • decorative pillow
  • wine bottle stoppers
  • scented candle jar with lid
  • wine bottle coaster
  • trinket box for dresser or bathroom counter
  • decorative light switch covers
  • single silk flower in a bud vase
  • plastic ice bucket

Be Creative With Inexpensive Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

Imagination can come in handy with many of these items. Placemats, magazines and menu pages can be rolled up and tied with ribbons. Empty cardboard tubes from paper towel make good packing cylinders for things like scarves, small kitchen gadgets or hair accessories; it’s impossible to guess what’s inside once wrapped.

Gifts ideas can be combined for extra impact as well. Combine the idea of the scarf for the sports fan by finding one with the team logo; same with the coasters, earmuffs or pillow.

Remember that gift-giving isn’t about the price tag, it’s about the thought behind the gift and the time taken to find it that will make the difference. Many of these gifts for under $25 will add up to less than $10 once completed.This gift guide can be an indispensable gift finder this holiday season for anyone on a tight budget.

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