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Gifts for iPad Owners: Christmas Presents and Stocking Stuffers

Published by Lois Tingstrom

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If you know someone who has a new Apple iPad waiting under the Christmas tree, these Christmas present suggestions will help make Christmas morning even more exciting. If you already own an Apple iPad, some of these iPad accessories might make your tablet usage more productive.

Bluetooth Headphones

Unlike an iPod, it isn’t easy to carrry an iPad everywhere while you are listening to iTunes files. Wireless headphones connect to an iPad thorough bluetooth, so you can listen to a great audiobook or catch up on a podcast in the same room as your iPad without having to be attache to your device with wired headphones. Bluetooth headphones are handy to use on treadmills and while working with my wireless keyboard, which is another great Christmas gift suggestion for an iPad user.

I use the Sony DRBT101/BLK Over-the-Head Style Stereo Bluetooth Headset with my iPad and my iTouch. These headphones run $50-$80, and they charge by a USB cable. The volume is adjustable from the headset, and depending on what you are listening to, you can change to the next track from the bluetooth headphones, and there is a built in microphone.


SD Card Adapter for iPad

If you have a wifi iPad, the SD card reader migh be particularly handy to move photo files between your camera and your iPad. Usually, photos can be shared from an iPad using an app like Flickr or Picasa, but if you want to email photos, you are limited to five at a time with the iPad Photo feature.

The the Apple iPad photo app that comes with an iPad is extremely basic; it is incapable of making folders unless you are conneced to a computer with iTunes, so using an sd card for photos gives some sorting capabilities from the camera. You can also make photos files on the SD card on a computer, and then that gives some control when moving back and forth between the SD card adapted and the iPad. The Apple iPad SD card adapter retails for about $25 at the Apple store and AT&T store.

iPad Charger

The iPad battery life is about 10 hours, depending what feature you are using. Anyone who uses an iPad all day at work or at school needs to charge it quickly at home. There are a variety of iPad chargers, and some are for cars. I like having one that plugs into the wall, but I also have a car charger that I use for my iPod Touch. Not all iPod and iPhone chargers will acutally charge an iPad, but they will at least maintain the current charge until you can get your iPad to an iPad charging cable.

iGo chargers are great gifts because the recipient can buy iGo tips to use the same charger for multiple devices. My iGo charger works for my smart phone and my Kindle, and I hope Santa will leave a iPad tip in my stocking this Christmas. Right now, the only iPad tips by iGo is the A133 which is actually made for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It works to keep a charge in an iPad, but it is not ideal for charging.

Bluetooth headphones come in various sizes, but the Sony size are large and sturdy and could be wrapped up as a gift. The iGo charging set could also be wrapped up as a Christmas present. The Apple SD card and the iGo iPhone and iPod charging tip are each small enough to fit into a Christmas stocking, which could be an unexpected surprised for the gadget lover on your Christmas list.

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