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Gluten-Free Brands of Halloween Candy

Published by Randy Haseltine

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Try These Five Popular Brands of Gluten-Free Halloween Candy

Gluten-free diets are becoming more popular these days because many people cannot gluten which is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Sometimes candy is made with gluten as an ingredient. If you need a gluten-free candy for Halloween, consider these brands of gluten-free Halloween candy.

You and your doctor should be in constant communication over your diet if you have been informed that you need a gluten-free diet. Ask your doctor or nutritionist for recommendations for gluten-free Halloween candy.

Here are some popular forms of gluten-free Halloween candy. Always double-check the ingredients on every package before eating the candy.

Taj Specialty Foods

If you want a great variety of unique and delicious foods that are free of gluten, you should consider Taj Specialty Foods. Just go to www.tajspecialtyfoods.com or visit this Web page for all of their gluten-free dessert items.


If you love wafers, Mary Janes, Canada Mint and other great candies that are gluten-free, go to the web page at www.necco.com and search through their fine selection of gluten-free candies.

Organic Valley

The online retailer www.organicvalley.coop offers some diverse selections of gluten-free dandy. Just go to this Web page and view their gluten-free candies.


If you like pretzels and crackers, you should consider the Web site at www.vitacost.com. Check out their site for their gluten-free products.

Julian Bakery

If you like bread snacks, check out www.julianbakery.com for all of their gluten-free breads and desserts.


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