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Gluten-Free Halloween Candy Options

Published by Bradly Trimm

Halloween candy an hour before trick-or-treaters showed up! So why not be prepared this year? Also, we are finding that more and more kids are gluten-free, however some people don’t take this into consideration when buying Halloween treats. So why not be fully prepared this time around? Every kid looks forward to getting as many treats as they can when they go trick-or-treating, so why not help out those who can only have specific kinds of treats?

Luckily in order to get gluten-free treats you won’t need to go hunting around all over the place for specific brands. Surprisingly a lot of the big name brand companies have gluten-free products! Here’s the top 5 brands that will guarantee you and the kids coming to your door a Happy Halloween:

1. Tootsie Roll (for many great treats including caramel apple pops and sugar babies!)

2. Wrigley Jr. Company (including Juicy Fruit, which kids love!)

3. Baby Ruth from Nestle!

4. Brach’s

5. Farley’s and Sathers Candy Company

You should always check the actual ingredients just to make sure! And remember, this list isn’t limited to only these companies, other companies have them too! These are just the top name brand ones! Thanks for making it a Happy Halloween for every kid, not just the non-gluten-free kids out there! Enjoy the holidays!

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