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Gluten Free Halloween Treat Recipes

Published by Celine Treso

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We Might Not like Everything, but We Will like Something

Researching gluten free recipes has proven to be a fun activity for me. I’ve always been interested in “other” ways of cooking than just the basics. In my own family there are so many ways that each of us like to eat, yet, somehow we don’t argue about what is put in front of us. The theory is that something served will be appealing to someone. We might not like everything, but we will like something. Does this make any sense? I also feel that maybe more people are gluten intolerant or lactose intolerant than any of us know and a bit of experimenting never hurts anyone.

I do draw the line at the wierd and absurd. I’m not about to eat fried ants or lollipops with scorpions embedded in them. However, I know that some people would be willing to jump right in there and try those. I have tried escargot (snails in garlic butter). I didn’t chew it, I just swallowed it. I have also tried calamari (squid). I chewed that and it was like chewing rubber bands. I have also tried caviar and because at that time my sense of taste was gone (as is my sense of smell) I informed my aunt that, in my opinion, caviar tasted just the same as the corned beef and cabbage she was presenting for dinner that night. So, I go with the thought that we should try before we judge. It all depends on how far you are willing to go at trying something new.

I know that gluten free eating is not one of those “weird and absurd” diets. It is a serious issue with people who have celiac disease and, thankfully, because of the internet, recipes and ways of eating are just a mouse click away.

When I looked up gluten free recipes I was taken to www.about.com gluten free cooking. There are 10 recipes there for anyone to try:

  1. Boneyard BBQ Drummies
    2. Gluten free black bean and tortilla nachos
    3. Chex style gluten free snack mix
    4. Deviled ghoul eggs
    5. Gluten free caramel corn
    6. Gluten free cocoa krispie gluten free ice cream sandwiches
    7. Ghost-topped gluten free mini brownie cupcakes with orange cream frosting
    8. Homemade caramel apples
    9. Bloody good halloween party punch
    10. Classic hot chocolate

In my opinion making these recipes could be made for everyone attending the Halloween doings and have a ghostly good time!



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