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Great Halloween Party Ideas for the Older Teens

Published by Justin Ewert

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As kids get older it is harder and harder to find things to either keep them out of trouble on Halloween or to give them something fun to do. However there are several ideas that can not only give them a great story for their Halloween night, but also keep them under watchful eye.

The first idea is a Halloween party complete with the best way to gross out an older teenager. There are not many things that can make a junior or senior in high school grimace in grossness however for Halloween this is exactly what you want. To begin with decorate a room in your home or a covered patio in black paper and cobwebs. Make sure the ambience is right by adding several if not dozens of candles and little if any lamplight. Then spend your day before the party peeling at least 2 bunches of grapes. This isn’t easy but worth it. Then go to your local grocery store and purchase some liver, they usually come in containers with their own blood. You are also either going to want to get a package of sausage links or go to your local deli and get a continuous line of sausage.

Now on the day of the party make sure whatever teenagers that will be invading your home are not there while you prepare. You will want to get out several bowls, in the first put all the peeled grapes these will be your eyeballs. You are going to want to take one egg or two your preference and beat it then mix it in with your grapes. Not only will they feel weird they will be gooey, which eyeballs would be. The liver is the easiest you will want to make sure put everything in the bowl and make sure this is the last bowl in the line when setting these up on a table. For the sausage links these will be entrails and you need to either add a cup of gravy or a thickened flour water, gravy is good because it isn’t gritty and can have the consistency of blood. Then you want to combine those in a bowl. Set these bowls out on a table with the grapes first then the entrails and then the liver. Then once the kids come in the door blindfold them and take them through placing their hand in every bowl letting them play around in it. This is grossed out many of my brother’s friends on several Halloweens.

Another thing to add the spook to an older teen’s Halloween party is a “cauldron”. The best way to make this would be if you have a large circular wash basin or just a circular container preferably 2 feet across. This was you can place two bricks in the bottom and place a bowl of candy on it. Then pour water till it is ¾ up on the bricks. Purchase some dry ice, following the instructions of course and place a few pieces scattered all over the bottom of the basin. This will hide the candy so they have to go fishing for it. Just make sure they aren’t reaching in the wrong spot.

Lastly remember haunted houses for Halloween are always fun, not to scare the teenagers in your home but for them to scare others for Halloween. If you involve them in the project if creating a scary haunted house they will usually be completely happy to participate in terrifying the neighbor children on Halloween night.

Have fun its Halloween and don’t forget that no matter the age they still want to celebrate such a great holiday.



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