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Great Halloween Party Ideas

Published by Kamilah Kudrle

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If you’re looking for some alternatives to trick-or-treating, take a look at some great Halloween party ideas. Instead of bags loaded with candy that will only result in tummy aches, you should try a fun evening full of games and entertainment that are sure to be a hit among friends and neighbors.

In brainstorming for great Halloween party ideas, make sure you keep in mind age appropriateness. Remember that what is scary to a young teenager could make the younger ones wet their pants. You want minimal cleanup! For many children under the age of ten, simply turning the lights off and adding some spooky sound effects will get them shivering.

While a fear factor may be high as your personal preference, the target age group should be what determines a Halloween party idea. What makes a good Halloween party idea is the involvement of fun and laughter. So, rather than playing a horror movie that’s sure to cause discomfort for some, you can try to make the scary parts of Halloween out to be silly. Although, if a child simply cannot bear the fright, you may have to take him or her aside privately to determine if the parents need take them home.

A great Halloween party idea is to put a spin on your party games. The process isn’t much different from planning a birthday party. There’s food, games, and other entertainment. So these Halloween party ideas are essential the same, but with a spooky twist. Something as simple as playing Musical Chairs with spooky music is an excellent Halloween party idea that really adds atmosphere to the event. Or, you can decorate your house or yard to look spooky, and then have children play a scavenger hunt for some goodies.

Costume contests are another superb Halloween party idea. Let’s just hope that you don’t have several Power Rangers auditioning at the same time! Winners of this contest could receive neat themed gifts.

And, what Halloween party idea is complete without ghost stories? It would be wise to start by telling your ghost story first. Thereafter, you can encourage the children to make up their own stories off the top of their heads. Tell these stories with the lights off, or under a man-made tent, with a flashlight to hold under chins to create the right setting for spookiness. This will add to the excitement and fear in a fun and exciting way.

All Halloween party ideas include a place for decorations, so dress your house accordingly. The classic way to add effect is by dimming the lights. You can also use candles; leave windows open to let an eerie breeze flow through. Cutting out spooky shapes and pasting them to windows will let the moonlight draw shadows on your walls. Fake spiders and webs are another great prop to add. Finally, don’t forget the music! The best Halloween party idea is the introduction of music.

Finally, keep it fun. Make your party safe! This is a time of year when not just the cats are curious. Some children get carried away in the fright of the evening and may end up pulling a prank or two that will do more harm then good. So, keep an eye on them. Aside from that, let nothing get in the way of putting together the best Halloween party ideas that your friends and family will remember!



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