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Great Halloween Treat Alternatives

Published by Shondra Hickle

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You probably know someone with diabetes or you have diabetes. The one thing you know is over indulgence is a mighty big no-no. Why not treat the neighborhood children with sweet alternatives? You are probably thinking “ugh! If I were a could I wouldn’t like that.” You may be surprised what alternatives there are to candy. If you still want to buy candy you can purchase sugar free candy for kids. The parents might even thank you.

Here are some great treat ideas besides sweets:

BUBBLES: Bubbles have to top the list of a great treat instead of candy. Almost every child loves bubbles. Go to Dollar Tree and pick up the containers to make your own bubbles. You can usually get around 10 containers for $1. Then make your own bubble solution with dish washing liquid and water. This will be the most impressive Halloween treat that isn’t candy.

TOYS: While you are in Dollar Tree look at the packet of toys. They have a wide selection and some packages have several toys in one package. This might be a worth while endeavor for you if you find a package with lots of toys.

STICKERS: Children of all age love stickers. You can buy a package of stickers and divide the stickers up. Usually to sheets of stickers come in one package and you can then cut around the stickers.

PENCILS: Buy a package of sparkling pencils and give one to your trick or treaters. Pencils are very useful and school age children always need pencils.

PENS: Children love pens. This can be an inexpensive treat as well. Buy a multiple back for a dollar and you can keep on giving.

CRAYONS: Depending on how many children normally come to your house you can buy a package of 10 or 12 8 pack crayons for a dollar at Dollar Tree to hand out. This is a nice idea for young children.

What ever “treat” you give out don’t break the bank giving. Have a fun and safe Halloween.





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