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Great Halloween TV Movie Marathons

Published by Agustin Hayth

Halloween movies that you will see are….Dracula 3: Legacy, Bats, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Cold Creek Manor, House of Wax, Halloween: H20 and Ghost Ship. Most of those movies are pretty good.

2. AMC- This is a channel that you might not have thought of. The moves that they are going to be playing on Halloween consist of… Horror movies: Halloween, Halloween 4, Halloween 5, Jeepers Creepers, Constantine, Resident Evil, and House on Haunted Hill. That sounds like a night of some scary Halloween fun.

3. Cinemax- If you have the Cinemax channel then you are lucky and can watch these Halloween movie marathon… Darkman, Dead Silence, Event Horizon, The Return, Rosemary’s Baby, The Hills Have Eyes II, Fear, I Am Legend and Jaws. You can cuddle up next to your loved one and get scared this Halloween.

4. Cartoon Network- I decided to put a Halloween marathon for the kids. They are going to be playing Goosebumps. I used to watch these with my kids and they are pretty good for them. They are not too scary but just scary enough. We had a lot of fun watching these. Have a fun night with your kids and watch this Halloween movie marathon.

5. Fuse- This channel is my final reccommendation for Halloween movie marathons. They will be playing…. Feardotcom, Hellraiser and Body Snatchers. In my opinion, those three movies are pretty scary. If you like getting really scared, this one is for you!

That is in my opion the best choices you have for a halloween full of scarey fun. WGN is going to play the Munsters which does not make my list because it is played regularly and just does not have the appeal it used to. Don’t bash me i grew up on the Munsters and love them. Get your popcorn, grab your beverage of choice and turn down the lights. Turn up the volume and enjoy a great halloween movie marathon.



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