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Green Christmas Gifts: Eco-Friendly, Environmentally Creative Holiday Presents

Published by China Vidaurri

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Reduce your carbon footprint this year and give a holiday present that’s environmentally friendly. Some inspiring ideas include:

Be Green Now!

Begreennow.com offers Gift of Green® cards; for each card purchased, one native tree is planted in an ecosystem restoration project in the United States. In addition to absorbing CO2, the new trees will also help restore forests damaged by natural disasters and return the forest to its former glory. The cost? Only $9.95! Good for the environment… and a great buy!

Shrink the Wrap

One very simple way to respect the environment during the holiday season is to go easy on what the Grinch called ‘packages, boxes and bags.’ Things like elaborate papers, ribbons and other container and decorative materials have awful carbon footprints. Keep it simple this year by purchasing plain recycled brown wrapping paper and a roll of natural raffia for bows. Let children decorate your packages with artwork, making each one a unique gift in and of itself.

Earth Kits

Earthkits.com offers a wide variety of environmentally conscious gifts for kids of all ages. The kit for kids includes a PA-Free “Kids Go Green” spill-proof water bottle, “Kids Go Green” 100% organic cotton T-shirt, Everything Kids Environment Book by Sheri Amsel, EarthKits seeded download card, “Kids Go Green” dog tag, “Green at Heart” wristband and a “Kids Go Green” recognition certificate. This is a great way to get our next generation involved in caring for the earth. While you’re n the site you can also get a tree planted for you for only $3!

Global Goods

One of the coolest environmentally and planet-friendly sites on the web is GlobalGoodsPartners.org, where you can give a fair trade gift with a global impact. Some gifts available include: a gift of peace for Burmese refugees; a gift of justice for indigenous communities in Bolivia and Argentina; a gift of health for AIDS victims in Rwanda; a gift of beauty by reviving traditional embroidery in Afghanistan; or simply a gift from the earth with products made from locally sourced, natural, and renewable materials. The varied products available are inexpensive and guilt-free as you know you’re doing something great for the globe.

Be Creative

If you spend a little time being clever, you can generate an environmentally friendly, reasonably priced gift with little or no effort. Giving the gift of your time- a pair of movie tickets, trip to a museum, picnic in the park, a poem, a bamboo-framed photo you took of a loved one; these are all simple, eco-friendly gifts that will be appreciated for years to come.

Simply google ‘green Christmas gifts’ for many other excellent gift ideas.

The zebra keychain shown is from GlobalGoodsPartners.org, only costs $5 and benefits needy South African children.

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