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Green Gifts for Christmas Stockings: Holiday Gifts that are Healthy and Environment Friendly

Published by Iliana Hugh

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Every holiday season brings with it the joy of sharing and festivity. It is the favorite season of the year for many people as shops begin to fill with the Christmas buzz. But there is always a dilemma when it comes to deciding which gifts to buy for all the loved ones.

In recent times there is also a greater awareness about the harms of artificial ingredients and more sensitivity towards the climate and environment. It is important not to forget our responsibilities towards the Earth and its environment while enjoying the beautiful holiday season.

What are Green Gifts

Green gifts are eco-friendly gifts made out of either natural or organic ingredients or recycled items. They are products that do not harm the environment and climate, and because no artificial products are used as in the case of skin care products or perfumes, they are not unsafe for the body either. Green gifts are also presents that serve as reminders of the responsibility towards climate and environment.

The following article shares ideas for Green gifts that can be filled in christmas stockings

Green Christmas Stockings for Gift Stuffing

There cannot be eco-friendly gifts but Christmas stockings that are not eco-friendly. The first step towards green gifts is to have stockings that also promote environment-friendliness. Green-eyed frog are selling stockings made out of organic and fair trade cotton. These colorful stockings use non chlorine bleaches and non azo dyes in their making.


For the Special Mom and her Beauty

Moms always deserve the best treatment whether they are young or old. Holidays are said to be the seasons when they most deserve and like a treat and what better treat than bath products that relieve stress and enhance the skin’s beauty! Nature’s Basin sells a range of bath products from various brands, all trusted names in organic and natural body care.

Stuff the Stockings With Lovely Toys for Babies

Plan Toys Dress Animals are fabulous soft toys suitable for little children. These colorful toys are hand-made and dressed up with hand made clothes. They make great stocking stuffings and are sure to be loved by any babies or little kids in the house. These can be found at Oompa Toys online.

Moon Light Night Light is a Perfect Gift for Son or Daughter

Night lights are such a perfect memory of growing up – they are fun, they have personality and they bring the essential minimum light required at night in any child’s room. This eco-friendly night light uses NASA space technology and gives a soft light in rooms. It requires very little energy, almost as low as 50p a year!

Gift for Young Women Who Love Style



No one can deny a beauty gift during holiday season. Envy Eco found at Nature’s Basin online store has the best beauty can offer while remaining perfectly environment and health friendly. The organic ingredients of this product make it a fabulous choice for any green lover and the best part is that these colors stay on longer and glide on perfectly too!


For the Environment Activist in the Home

The Environment Activist daughter, son, mom or dad at home is sure to love this global warming mug. The mug is fun and a sure reminder of the terrible effects of global warming. The mug is blue in color with a green world map made on it. When hot water is poured into the mug, the coastlines of the world begin to disappear. This mug that is sure to bring smiles on any one’s face can be found at the online store called iwantoneofthose.

With problems like artificial, synthetic ingredients harming physical health and the world environment, it is a major concern for most to enjoy life in a way that harms the world less than the way it has been harmed before. What better season, than the season of giving and caring,to care about the world we live in.


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