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Gruesome Halloween Eyeballs

Published by Kerrie Mccalley

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Here is an incredibly (embarrassingly so!) easy Halloween eyeball craft for you to make with your pre-schooler.

Gruesome Halloween Eyeball Ornaments

Supplies needed:

styrofoam or paper balls, you choose the size
markers of various colors
orange, black or purple yarn
orange, black and purple glitter
orange, black and purple sequins
straight pin

Draw a pupil and an iris on the ball with the colored markers.
Stick a straight pin through a looped piece of yarn (or simply glue it on) at the top of the ball.
Embellish as desired with glitter and sequins.
Voila! Gruesome Halloween Eyeballs!

Make as many of these Gruesome Halloween Eyeball ornaments as you and your child
want. Then you can hang them on a dimestore Halloween tree or from the rafters!



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