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Guide to Your Disney World Halloween Vacation

Published by Krista Rathmanner

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If you are heading to Walt Disney World in September or October, you’ll have the chance to celebrate Halloween in one of the best family fun celebrations around. There is a lot going on in Disney World, as always – and even more at Halloween. But don’t worry, follow these simple tips to make the most of your Walt Disney World visit this Halloween.


One of the most important things to decide about your Disney World Halloween visit is when to visit. You see, Halloween isn’t just on October 31 anymore, not in Disney World, anyway. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, the main event at Halloween, is held throughout September and October, so you can choose the best time to go. The closer to Halloween you plan your Disney vacation, the more likely the party will sell out early.

Know where you are planning to stay? If you are the camping type, consider Fort Wilderness for you Disney Halloween stay. Non-campers can stay in the Fort Wilderness cabins as well. But why this choice for a Halloween visit? Simply because many fellow Disney guests really get into the Halloween spirit here – elaborately decorated campsites are often spotted as the big night approaches. You might just find yourself joining in the spooky fun.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party:

This is an after hours even held at the Magic Kingdom Park, you’ll need a separate ticket, but if you want the Disney Halloween experience, don’t miss this! Here’s the inside scoop:

Dress up! Yes, adults too! Everyone is a kid at this party, so have fun with it. My husband wore a particularly good costume one year, and got nearly as many photo requests as the Disney Characters! World of warning, there is something of a dress code. Nothing too scary for the kids, this is a Disney Halloween after all, so it’s a family affair. In that same spirit, no masks or weapons, for safety reasons.

Trick-or-Treat: Each family member will get a treat bag when they arrive. The park Map for the Halloween party will tell you where to go. As you travel around the park, you can collect a virtually limitless candy stash!

Characters: It just wouldn’t be a Disney Halloween without characters — in costume, of course! Be sure to have your camera handy, because these are different photos than you will get anywhere else.

Parade and Fireworks: Again, these are different shows, created just for Halloween. You won’t see these on normal nights, so don’t miss the opportunity. If you can, see the second Parade. Most folks see the first, then leave after the fireworks, so you’ll get a better, less crowded view.

Rides: Most of the popular rides are open too, with very little wait. Don’t miss the special event stuff you want to see for a ride binge, they’ll be here the next day. But, make sure to hit your favorites along the way.

Other Disney Halloween Happenings:

Haunted Hayrides: A great Disney Halloween treat! Travel around the Fort Wilderness campgrounds while listening to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Expect surprises!

Downtown Disney: If you are going to be visiting Disney ON Halloween, be sure to stop here. The is typically a dance party for the kids, a pumpkin patch, and still more treats to collect.

Food & Wine: Okay, so this Epcot even isn’t a Halloween event, but it happens at the same time of year. Besides, you really are going to need a little something to wash down all that candy! Stop over at Epcot during your Disney vacation and sample food and wines from around the world.



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