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Hair-Raising and Spine Tingling – Halloween Comes to Haunt Us Again!

Published by Shondra Hickle

Oh Henry Ballroom. They got into an vicious argument and Mary supposedly left in a rage.

Braving the bitter cold of a winter’s night, Mary slowly started walking home taking a route along Archer Avenue. Somewhere along the way, between the ballroom and her home, she was hit and killed by a car. The heartless driver never even stopped, instead leaving her there to die. The hit and run driver was never found.

Mary was buried in Resurrection cemetery in Justice, Illinois by her heart broken and grief stricken parents. So what’s so frightening about Mary? Over the years there has been numerous reports of a young woman in a party dress hitchhiking along Archer Avenue. When a man stops to pick her up she gets in the car but remains very quiet, hardly ever speaking. As the driver comes upon Resurrection cemetery she asks to be let out, then vanishes into thin air as she rushes towards the cemetery gates.

I’ve been told that she only will accept rides from men and that many a man after giving this corporeal spirit a lift has ended up at the local police station white as a ghost (no pun intended!) and visibly shaken as they recount what just happened to them to the officer on duty. It’s been said the Police there take the reports in stride. It seems over the years they have had many a young man come in with tales of picking Mary up and her eerie vanishing act in front of the gates of the cemetery.

One of the most chilling aspects of this story is that one night as someone was driving past the actual cemetery a young girl was seen standing inside at the gate. Supposedly the driver got concerned that this poor girl somehow got locked in there and called the police, who in turn called cemetery caretakers. When they all arrived to investigate, no girl was found.

Instead is it said that on the gate where she was sorrowfully gazing out, her hand prints were burned into the wrought Iron. The cemetery however debunked this and stated a truck drove into the gates. I’ve never heard of a truck with hands. Have you?

Spine-tingling Cherry Valley

A once small unincorporated area in Illinois, this small town offers plenty of thrills and chills. I actually remember visiting this place with my ex-husband and daughters several years ago. I can tell you this, I never returned for another look. The houses up and down one of the streets all had addresses which when added together totaled 666. (one address was 123, another 222, 303, 402, etc). Something about the place just did not feel right.
Let’s get to the story that inspired the visit.

It is said that a phantom ghost car will come out of nowhere and chase you off the road or at least until you get out of the town. There are also rumors saying you will see red orbs that float in the night coming from the woods. Woods where flashlights cease to work. Woods where a disappearing farmer toting a shotgun will appear out of nowhere.

Cherry Valley also is home to a moving traffic light. It is said that it never stays in the same spot. Near that traffic light there was a tragic accident. A school bus full of children died after the bus driver lost control while crossing over the bridge. The bus plummeted to the train tracks below the bridge, killing all on board. Rumor has it if you are on the middle of the bridge and you place your car in neutral an unseen force will safely guide your car across to the other side

I’ve given you a couple real haunts. Places that actually exist with eerie stories attached to them. But what about urban legends? Are they really legends? Could there be any facts behind them? Here, have another s’more and huddle closer with the rest of us.

There is safety in numbers. We all know the drill.

Don’t wander off by yourself. Don’t fall asleep and don’t cover your eyes.

Have you checked the children?

Alyssa Hopkins (fictitious name) didn’t really feel like babysitting that night. She would much rather have gone to the mall and a movie with her friends Trish and Stacy (more fictitious names). But, she promised the O’Malley’s (fictitious, oh never mind, all the names will be fictitious!) weeks ago that she would watch Evan who was 6 and Kate who was 9, while they went out to celebrate for their 15th wedding anniversary.

With her books in hand, (might as well get some studying done right?) Alyssa knocked on the door at 1684 Fernbach Lane (not real). Sarah O’Malley answered and seemed flustered. She explained they were running late and had just now managed to get the kids to bed. Rushing Alyssa inside, Sarah grabbed her husband John’s arm and pushed him out the door. “Hurry up or we’ll lose our reservations at Chez Louisse!” Turning back as husband and wife exited the door she shouted out to Alyssa “Instructions and a number to reach us are on the fridge! Remember, no boys over!”

Sarah and John disappeared in a blur and Alyssa closed and locked the door behind her and threw her books on the living room couch. Hunkering down for a night of babysitting (at least the kids were asleep right?) and homework. She enjoyed the quiet. A nice change from her house which was always noisy with her four older brothers. It was nice to relax.

About thirty minutes had gone by when the phone rang. The sound startled her and she jumped. She snapped up the receiver and answered.
“Have you checked the children?” the voice on the other end asked.
Alyssa raised a brow. “Is that you Mr. O’Malley?”
“I’ve killed them you know” the voice replied.
“OK, is this Bryan? It’s not funny Bryan” she stated sarcastically.
“I’ve killed them and I’m coming for you next” the voice on the other end hung up.

After slamming the phone down in annoyance, Alyssa called Trish on her cell. Five rings later she was sent straight to voice mail. Sighing she hung up and went back to studying.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Probably Trish returning her call. She answered.

“Hello Trish?”
“Have you checked the children?” that same menacing voice from before.
“OK! Who is this? It’s really not funny you know!” Alyssa demanded.
“I’ve killed them. Killed them dead”
“Look!” vexation in her voice now “If you don’t stop calling I will call the police!”
“I’ve killed them and I’m coming for you next!” sinister sounding in that monotone male voice.

She slammed the phone down yet again. Angry but starting to feel uneasy. As she was reaching out to pick up her Literature book the phone rang again. She snatched up the receiver and shouted into it.
“Knock it off I said! You are really some sick jerk!”
“Whoa Alyssa, I’m just returning your call, sheesh!”
Alyssa took a deep breath and gave a sigh of relief as she heard Trish’s familiar voice. After explaining the calls, Trish advised her to call the police while assuring her it was most likely some prank caller. Albeit a sick and twisted one. But she was pretty sure Alyssa would be fine.

That being said Trish went back to shopping at the Mall, with a promise to check back with Alyssa in a bit. Alyssa made a call to the police. She explained about the calls and that she was a bit afraid. They said they would try and trace the call, but like Trish, they were sure it was just some prankster.
She picked up one of her books, then set it back down. She was not in the proper mindset to study anything at the moment.

She headed off towards the kitchen to toss a bag of popcorn into the microwave, then she’d watch the least scariest movie the O’Malley’s had in their DVD collection.
About 2 minutes into the popping, the phone rang again.

“Wow Trish, I didn’t think you’d call back soon soon” she answered as she placed the phone to her ear, propping it there with her shoulder so she could check on the popcorn.
“Have you checked the children?” not Trish. It was him again.
“Just so you know I have called the police and you’re going to be in big trouble!” she said trying to sound authoritative, yet somehow not managing to cover the sound of fear in her voice.
“I’ve killed them and now it’s time, yes, it’s finally time.”
“Stop it! Just stop! I can’t take it anymore. You are not at all even remotely funny and I have had enough!” her voice shaky, on the verge of tears.
“I’ve killed them and I am coming for you now”.
Before she could even reply he had hung up. Within minutes the phone rang again. Alyssa lost it. She picked it up screaming at the top of her lungs at the insane caller.

“Listen you sick psychopath! I hope the police find you and arrest you! I hope….” she was cut off by the voice on the other end.
“Alyssa this is Sergeant Brewster, listen to me carefully. Get out of the house now! Right now! Those calls are coming from inside the house from a second phone line! Get out now!” Sergeant Brewster said urgently “I have some units on the way.”
Alyssa’s eyes widened in terror. Dropping the phone she ran towards the front door to escape. As she looked over her shoulder she saw him.

The crazed maniac. The deranged caller. Her worst nightmare. His clothes drenched in blood, an axe dripping blood, swinging in his left hand. Eyes that were cold and empty. He was coming down the stairs. Coming for her. Just like he promised. Alyssa screamed and yanked on the door.

Why won’t it open? It’s not opening! She kept tugging at the door.

He was getting closer. No emotion on his face. Just a need to kill, an urge to kill. She was his next target. The axe was crying out for her blood. Realizing she forgot to unlock the deadbolt her feeble fingers quickly clutched at it. He was almost behind her now. In a last ditch effort she managed to unlock the door and swung it quickly open. She felt air swish past her back as the insane murderer swung it at her head. Missing by just inches, she screamed again.

As she bolted through the door she collided with something solid. Crying out as she looked up she saw a police
officer, his name tag said “Brewster”. Dave Brewster had his gun already out of it’s holster. He pushed Alyssa out of the way as the bloody axe came whooshing through the air again and then shots rang out in the night….

Want more? Well I could tell you stories that would make your hair stand on edge. But instead I will send you on your own journey of discovery.
Go 3 blocks down and turn right at the tree that looks like it’s alive and about to claw you with it’s massive bare branches till you arrive here:

After that, you’ll want to head down another block or so and cross the bridge.
Where it is said spectral screams ring out in the night to find haunts that with thrill with delight (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it! Ok tough crowd, bad joke. I get it.)

If you live in the Chicago area and want some hands on fun, drive for 17 miles and turn left at the cemetery of hopeless souls. Don’t get too close though. It’s said those that have veered too close are never seen again (well no, not really, but it sounded good).

On that note I bid you adieu. For it will be daylight soon and I must get back to my coff …. my coff…. my coffee! (i bet you thought I was going to say coffin didn’t you?)

Happy Haunting!

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