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Hairy Finger Halloween Finger Food

Published by Loria Nicka

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Talk About Being Literal About Finger Food!

Some may call my humor slightly twisted, other may call it certifiable; I call it FUN! How else to get into the spirit of Halloween other than to draw from one’s darker side?

This is a great snack the kids can help you prepare. Not for the sqeamish!

Package Lady Fingers or a dozen or moreTwinkies
Can ready-made frosting, vanilla and/or chocolate
Red food coloring (for the vanilla frosting)
Red gumdrops, cut in half length-wise
Chocolate sprinkles
Red gel frosting in a tube

On a flat surface lay out the Lady Fingers or Twinkies. Frost sides and top with vanilla or chocolate frosting. If using vanilla frosting, stir in a drop or two of red food coloring to turn the frosting pink. At one end of the “finger” place a half a red gumdrop, cut side down, where a fingernail would be. Use the chocolate sprinkles to make hairy “knuckles”. Garnish with a gel frosting scar for added gorey fun.

Bone appetite!




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