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Halloween and the Ouija Board

Published by Lanny Hadad

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My best friend and I were spending the day together before getting ready for the formal Halloween dance at our high school. She had a date and I didn’t but we were all going together. Since her parents were out of town and her older brother had moved into his own apartment, we were all at her house which was slightly outside of our small town without many neighbors. Her family has a fully finished family room in the basement of their house, so we went down there.

We decided to get into the Halloween spirit by watching scary movies then we pulled out her mom’s old Ouija board game that had been made in the 1960s. Her date didn’t want to play but we were both interested and balanced it on our knees between us. Despite the fact that we’d been told not to ask it personal questions we did. Every question my best friend asked was answered while every question I asked, except for one, was answered with “It’s a secret.”

I was beginning to get a little freaked out because the heat was on in the house but my fingers were so cold that my fingernails had turned sky blue. The final question she asked the Ouija board was who we were going to marry. The board told her that she was going to marry someone named Andrew and I was going to marry someone named Michael. We kinda laughed that off because my crushes name was Andrew and her date’s name was Michael and we thought it had mixed them up but it was eerily disturbing that it knew their names.

We finally called it quits because she wanted to take a shower before her appointment to get her hair done at a local salon and I needed to go home to get my dress. My best friend set the board down on a leather ottoman across the room before we went upstairs. I hung around with her date while she was in the shower and we talked about the Ouija board. By this point, I was feeling really paranoid and felt like there was something evil in her house.

I waited until they were leaving and was heading out the door with them when she asked me to go back in and put the Ouija board away. I told her I would and went back inside. I waited until her car left the driveway, then I rushed out to my car and got out of there. I was really scared by then because I just felt like there was something evil following me. I made it home okay and told my dad about what happened. He’s very religious and said a prayer over me and my car. I called her after she got done with her hair appointment and told her I’d meet her at the dance because I didn’t want to go back to her house. She mentioned to me that the Ouija board was put away, which I wasn’t about to tell her I hadn’t put it away because she’d tease me mercilessly about being paranoid about it. That just made the decision not to go back to her house seem even more right to me.

Later that night, at the dance my best friend and I had pretty much forgotten all about the Ouija board and had a great time. When she got home that night her older brother was waiting for her because their parents wanted him to check up on her. They went down to the basement and the Ouija board was sitting in the middle of the floor where we’d played it, not where we’d left it. She called me and told me that it was still out. I told her I hadn’t put it away to start with and couldn’t explain why it wasn’t there when she’d looked the first time but the fact that it wasn’t even where we’d left it just made the experience all the more creepy.

My best friend along with her brother chopped up the board and box it came in then burned it. I have never been comfortable going to her parent’s house after that. I realized a few years later when I was telling the story that the one question the board answered about me was true and it was true for her too. I married a man named Michael and she married a man named Andrew. Neither of them were her date or the guy I had crushed on in high school.



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