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Halloween at the Disneyland Resort

Published by Lezlie Kibbler

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Taking a trip to Disneyland Resort in the Fall can be a wonderful experience. As Halloween approaches the atmosphere in Disneyland changes. As you enter the park you will be greeted with the famous Mickey Mouse planter; however this time it is transformed into a canvas of pumpkins and Mickey is wearing a mask for the celebration. You will see oversized pumpkin versions of Mickey and Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy on display throughout Disneyland.

Town Square is the place to see a twelve foot high Mickey jack-o-latern complete with pumpkin ears. MainStreet USA will have over 300 carved pumpkins on display in the shop windows. Who needs a pumpkin patch when you only have to window shop? All the buildings will be transformed with yellow and orange bunting to show off their features. Carved pumpkins of different Disney characters will surround the Partners statue.

You might also get to see your favorite Disney characters out in Halloween costumes of their own. And in Disney style, the Villains will be out in force at both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure celebrating their favorite holiday. The Pumpkin Festival will be held on MainStreet, USA. You will be greeted by Miss Cobbler, the Queen of the Pumpkin Festival as well as Constable Jackie O’Leary.

Woody’s Halloween Roundup is once again being held in Frontierland. You will find it at the Big Thunder Mountain Ranch where resort guests are treated to holiday arts and crafts. No spookiness can be found here, just good old fashioned fun. You can create your own “Creepy Cookie Critter” to munch on, or if cotton candy is more your style you will be able to munch on this Halloween colored treat. For the little one’s or for the young at heart there is a “Petting-Boo” where you and or your little one’s can pet the animals. And since it is named after Woody, he along with Jessie and Bullseye will be there to join in the fun.

While touring the Park don’t forget to check out “Holiday Haunted Mansion”. This has become an annual overlay of the Haunted Mansion. Every year in September Jack Skellington moves in and makes for a terrific ride. The overlay stays thru the Winter holidays.

Across the esplanade Disney’s California Adventure is also getting into the Halloween spirit. The CALIFORNIA letters are transformed into giant pieces of candy corn. Brand new this year is Goofy’s “Candy Corn Acre”. As you wander thru Goofy’s Halloween Horticulture you will see candy corn carrots, candy corn pumpkins and candy corn coconuts.

The Tower of Terror will get some Halloween decorations to make it more frightening than it already is. “Golden Screams” takes the place of “Golden Dreams”. You will get to see a Villian filled awards show. Who will get “Best Act of Villainy” or “Best Scream”? You’ll have to go to find out.

Mickey’s Halloween Treat also returns this year. This is a prescheduled event that takes a separate ticket to get in. Treat stations, interactive games, a dance party with DJ Mickey, and attractions are available during the party. The characters are out in full force all wearing costumes of their own of course. Tickets are $39 at the gate, $29 if purchased in advance. Call Disneyland Resort or check online for the nights it is offered.

So while visiting Disneyland in October you will find yourself with shorter operating hours and the daily parades will be gone; however you get great decor’, wonderful ambiance, and a private party if you choose. If you’ve never been to Disney at this time of year maybe this is the year to go.




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