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Halloween Baby Shower Themes and Ideas

Published by Idella Radich

baby shower theme a bit by just having jack-o-lanterns and black, orange and purple decorations.

Lastly, use your surroundings and pull together a fabulous fall shower. This one works well for those who are not fond of the gory parts of Halloween or even the Halloween holiday itself.

Halloween Baby Shower Game Ideas

If only your close friends and family will be there, try bobbing for pacifiers or baby bottles instead of apples. Of course, it is a bit easier to do than apples and apples are a lot more fun!

Another fun baby shower game is to add Halloween items, fall items, and baby items on a table or tray. Let everyone take a look, then hide the tray. Take an item away. Then, let the guests mark on a sheet of paper what was removed. Don’t put the items you remove back on the tray as some people may cheat – trust me they do.

While this one isn’t technically a game, it is a fun activity for everyone involved. Before the shower, buy some white baby t-shirts, bibs, or other cloth articles that the baby will use. Give each guest one. Have permanent markers available for the guests to use. Let everyone design a special bib or shirt for the baby that can be given to the parents as a special gift.

Halloween Baby Shower Invitations

Be sure to specify what type of Halloween baby shower theme you will be having. This time of year can be confusing to a guest. If they are to wear Halloween costumes, make sure to put that on the invitation. If the party will be outside let the guests know along with suggesting they bring a jacket.

If everyone will be carving pumpkins or something messy, tell guests to wear old clothes. Don’t assume the guests will know what is going on. They won’t.

Baby Shower Party Favors

Stores are packed full of Halloween and fall items this time of year. It will be easy to pick up some game prizes, door prizes, and parting gifts. Choose several different types of gifts and let the guest choose which ones they prefer. Fall candles and decorations are the perfect idea!

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