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Halloween Blacklight T-Shirt Party for Kids

Published by Sterling Thesing

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This Halloween, instead of going out trick-or-treating with your kids, why not bring the spook of the night into your homes? I’ve worked with children for about eight years now, and nothing gets them more excited on this haunting night than dark rooms and glow in the dark objects. I bought glow in the dark jack-o-lanterns and stickers and decorated the room with it, but I wanted to take it to the next level. It took a while for me to finally come up with a unique idea, but once the light bulb turned on, my creative juices started to run. My brilliant idea hit me as I strolled down the aisles of Target. I walked under a black light and thought about how much happy and excited the kids would be if we had this in the room while they’re watching scary movies. But I wasn’t quite satisfied with just that. Standing there in that aisle, looking down at my shirt, I finally figured out the best idea for our next Halloween party. I’d have the kids paint black T-shirts with black light reactive paint and we would all wear them the day of the party. It was brilliant! Walking out of the aisle with the black-light in hand, my next mission was to find the paint (after some searching, I found some at Spencer’s. When I told the kids this, they went insanely excited! I have to admit, I was rather proud of my idea. As far as T-shirts go, I just told the kids that any old, plain, black T-shirt will do. I went to the swap meet to buy extras just in case someone did not have one lying around. I found some for 10 for $5.00 – amazing deal. Now, we were ready to have some fun!

The week before Halloween, I set up tables in the room and lined them with butcher paper. If you have an old tablecloth, it will work just fine if not better. Kids can get pretty messy with paint so to be safe, I also lined the surrounding ground area with newspaper; after all, I’d be the one to clean it up if they’d dirtied the carpet. I knew this idea was a success as soon as the kids started to paint. Not only were they laughing and smiling and enjoying the activity, but they had the chance to express themselves creatively in whatever way they wanted. I was amazed at how elaborate some kids were. In a way, I guess letting them decorate their own shirts allowed them to show everyone who they were through their art. I loved it.

When everyone was done, we hung up our T-shirts and stepped back to look at each others’ masterpieces. We were all excited to wear them come Halloween day.

On Halloween day, I set up the room so it would be dark and spooky and I placed all of the glow in the dark knickknacks around the room to set the tone. The black light was placed in an area that allowed it to light up the whole room. Snacks were set up on a table full of spiders and webs–I decided to bring in punch to resemble blood in the dark. I’d have to say, it was quite a job well done. The kids came in ready for their t-shirts. When they finally got them on, they oooohhed and aaaahhhhhed at each other’s shirts. They looked amazing in the black light. They glowed so brightly that it was as if they had splashes of light-bulbs on their shirts! When the kids settled down, I put on a scary movie of their choice (apparently they all love Monster House). The smiles on their faces were priceless. I knew this party would be something to look forward to year after year! It is safe to say that this party was by far the best and most unique we’ve had.

I hope this is something that you would consider doing one Halloween. It could be just you and the kids or you could invite your kids’ friends to join the fun. Either way, you would find that this idea will be a lot less stressful than having to keep an eye out for your kids while they are out trick-or-treating. You’re in the comfort of your own home and you’re free to change things up to your liking. Play games in the dark with the t-shirts on or gather around and tell ghost stories. Your kids will love the fact that you came up with such a fun activity and you’ll have memories to last a lifetime. Have fun and stay safe this Halloween!




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