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Halloween Budget Tips

Published by Loria Nicka

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Create a Halloween Event Even if You’re on a Tight Budget

With Halloween coming up much is put into the costumes and the whole spirit of the season. The only problem is that some people do not have the money to spend on purchasing all of what seems so necessary to have the perfect costume or even to create the perfect spirit of the season. Even a lot of things that you can create at home cost more than some people’s budgets will allow. So for the following I will give you some ideas of things that you can create this Halloween even if you are on a tight budget.

Fake Blood

When needing fake blood why not go with a safe and delicious form of fake blood. To make your own fake blood take light syrup and mix red food coloring in with it. This will create a realistic thick blood substance. With being made from food it will also be safe and delicious when and if you or your child decides to eat it. Also with the use of a little bit of Dawn dish soap this will wash out of clothing without staining.

I came across this method of fake blood when attending a Halloween event at Old Tombstone outside of Tuscan, Arizona when I was 12. The characters that were wandering around had used this with their costumes. I personally have been making my own fake blood every year since.

Witches Brew

Witches Brew is a great Halloween themed lunch or dinner that my sister-in-law had turned me on to. Just take and cook chicken noodle soup and add green food coloring to it. Serve it up in a classic style witches cauldron. The food coloring of course does not change the taste of the food but does give it a great creepy look that is perfect for Halloween.

The Classic Hobo costume

This costume is a classic that seems in some areas to have gone out of style. Well if you are on a budget this year then why not bring this classic back. All it takes is some old clothes and some dirt. A lot of parents have some old play clothes still around that they can use. It even takes on a great effect if the clothes are a little to small. Then just smear dirt on the clothes and your child’s face. Once you have your kid dirty and ready to head out trick or treating just hand them an old pillowcase to collect their candy in. You have now created a great costume for very little money if any at all.

Construction paper bats and other creepy critters

Construction paper can be obtained very cheaply and can make all sorts of great decorations. Just take the construction paper can cut out shapes of bats and other creepy critters. If you are not very good at drawing you don’t have to worry because many websites offer free patterns that you can print out and use. You can get creative with the decorations on these construction decorations and still not spend much money which again makes this one also a great decorating idea for anyone on a tight budget.



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