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Halloween by Rob Zombie: The Beginning of Michael Myers

Published by Adell Enriguez

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I’m not your typical movie reviewer as I suck doing ’em, so, I’m just typing up some stuff about that I thought was good and what not.

I watched Halloween by Rob Zombie tonight and I must admit at first I was kindy iffy about this idea of Rob messing with a classic such as Halloween. However, he did a damn good job and I have only one complaint.

The first ten to twenty minutes shows what happens before what would be the first Halloween movie. The movie shows how life was for Michael as a child and how the people around him treated him. My complaint that I spoke of earlier was that the little boy ( Daeg Faerch )to me sorta looks like a little girl. Not much of a complaint, heh? Even though with the girlish looks, Daeg delivers a performance that makes you believe he’s sadistic as hell but yet the life Michael led at home almost makes you want to hug the little killer.

Sheri Moon Zombie ( Rob’s wife ) played Deborah Myers/Michael’s mom. She shows to be a loving mother who loves her son muchly and shows the devastation any mother would after learning what would become of the rest of her family.

The thing that I loved about this Halloween is that Rob brought back Danielle Harris. In case, you don’t know who she is – she played in Halloween 4 and 5 as Jamie Lloyd, Michael’s niece and daughter of Laurie who was believed to be dead. This time around however, Danielle played Laurie’s friend Annie.



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