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Halloween Caramel Corn Candy Mixture Ideas

Published by Amina Mccraken

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Published by Meri Zazula

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Combining caramel corn with candy creates a number of interesting mixes that are perfect for Halloween.

On its own, caramel corn is a sweet treat. When you combine caramel corn with Halloween candy, though, you take the food to a new level, as well as add a Halloween element to the snack. There are numerous recipes you can use to make homemade caramel corn, some of which even suggest combinations that create a Halloween-style treat. Whether your starting point is homemade or store-bought caramel corn, Halloween candy and caramel corn work well together.

Halloween Candy with Worms

Halloween candy accented with worms is likely to appeal to youngsters for its gross factor, while its taste will appeal to all ages. “Worms” are created when chow mein noodles receive the same caramelizing approach as the popcorn. For that reason, this candy is best made with homemade caramel corn rather than purchased caramel corn.

A favorite homemade caramel corn recipe will work, and to add the “worms,” include the noodles. After the ingredients have cooled, add two cups candy corn or another festive candy for additional color.

Trick or Treat Caramel Corn

Trick or Treat Caramel corn is based on a mixture of caramel popcorn, peanuts and miniature pretzels that have been caramelized along with the popcorn. It might be possible to find a mix like that pre-made. If so, caramelizing your own mix is optional.

Remove it from the heat and add 1/2 teaspoon baking soda. Pour the mixture over the popcorn mixture. Whether making your own mix or starting with store bought, the mix should be combined with milk chocolate pieces and candy corn and baked at 200° F for five minutes.

Halloween Caramel Corn Mix

The Halloween Caramel Corn Mix should work for all ages based on flavor. Salted peanuts should be caramelized along with the popcorn; however, a caramel corn-peanut mix shouldn’t be difficult to find pre-made.

For that reason, it’s not necessary to make a caramelizing sauce, but could be done optionally. Either way, once the caramel corn peanut mixture is cool, add four cups of Halloween candy to the popcorn mix. While one type of candy works, try combining several to a total of four cups for more variety.

Other Options

Starting with caramel corn, either homemade or store bought, your possible options are only limited by your imagination and supplies. Various types of Halloween candies can be added to the popcorn, along with salty treats like cashews or almonds. Leftover trick-or-treat candy bars cut into bite-size morsels could be substituted for other candies.

While not specifically Halloween-related, square caramels would make a nice touch. If purchasing caramel corn to use, consider adding some flavored varieties. Many companies sell chocolate caramel corn as well as other flavors. Combine your favorite treats to create a mix that’s unique.

Combining caramel corn with candy provides a sweet treat for any Halloween get-together. Choose your favorite mix, or blend several for something even more unique. The key is good taste and fun.

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