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Halloween Child Safety Tips

Published by Mariel Coonfare

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Halloween is very exciting for children and for parents too. We sometimes can go a little batty for all the Halloween festivities and forget all about the safety aspect. During our children’s first few Halloween trick or treating years, we may forget things we knew all too well as kids at Halloween time. Being uncomfortable can ruin the night for your child. Being unsafe can be even worse. Here are some safety tips to make sure your child’s Halloween night is safe, fun and comfortable.

Pick a safe and comfortable costume. Long costumes with high heels or a long robe can cause small, uncoordinated kids to fall while running from house to house to keep up with the older kids. If your child is dead set on a costume that you know will be a disaster then bring along something for them to change into when they realize their mistake.

Avoid masks. Halloween masks look fun and really add to the costume but they are uncomfortable after just a few minutes and they are unsafe if covering the eyes. Remember that your child will be out as it is getting dark. If the costume comes with a mask then make sure that your child can prop on their head. Opt for a hat or wig instead of a mask that covers the face. Choose a Halloween wig or hat that fits well and will not fall into the eyes as you child walks through the neighborhood.

Wear gym shoes when possible. It may not look great with that princess costume but comfort is key when walking on sidewalks all night. Many of the heels or boots that come with costumes are unsafe. Small kids cannot walk in heels or slippery shoes. If your child insists on the shoes that came with the costume then bring the gym shoes along. Remind your child that he or she will want to run faster then the other kids before all the candy is gone.

Choose costumes with lighter colors. Since it is often dark before trick or treating is over, cars cannot react fast enough to small children darting across the streets in dark colors. Remember there are many people who drink and drive on Halloween night. Large SUV’s have a hard time seeing children as they are backing out of driveways so keep small children with arms length when possible.

Get a small flashlight. Keep a small flashlight for your child to hold if they are out during dark. Children get excited and don’t see an unexpected step. If your child falls and cannot walk the rest of the way, the night is ruined. Remind your child not to run and hold their hand as it gets dark. Small children should trick or treat during daylight hours.

More often then not children have a blast trick or treating on Halloween. Parents usually worry over nothing but prevention is key at Halloween to prevent injuries and keep kids comfortable on Halloween. Some parts of the country may be hot while others are cold on Halloween so remember that when heading out.

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