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Halloween Classics

Published by Marisa Coen

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Ever since I was a little boy I have loved horror movies. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and every year my family goes all out. We have a blast decorating the front yard and getting our costumes together. My obsession with horror movies started when I was in kindergarden and by 1st grade I was the only kid in my class that had seen all the horror classics. I still believe that the old classics are better than the newer gore filled movies with little to no plot or depth. I remember watching our old VHS tapes of the black and white Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy over and over again. The ideas and plots are what hooked me. There are way more that just 10 Halloween classics but here are 10 of my favorites. Here are some of my all time favorites in descending order to intrigue.

10.The Exorcist- This was a movie that I didn’t see until 5th grade. My mom saw it when she was little and was horrified. When I saw it, I just thought it was cool.

  1. American Werewolf in London- A great werewolf movie. One of my earliest memories is drawing a picture of a decapitated head in my 2nd grade journal and writing the plot of the movie. It didn’t go over so well in catholic school.
  2. Return of the Living Dead- Wonderful zombie classic. Great plot.
  3. Nightmare on Elm Street- Yet another movie my mom hid because of the idea of killing in your sleep. Still watched it without her knowing.
  4. Puppet Master- A great movie about puppets coming to life and terrorizing people.
  5. Psycho- A great Alfred Hithcock classic. I watched this movie for the first time with my grandfather. He had seen it when it came out. He described how everyone in the theatre was so stricken with terror.
  6. Friday the Thirteenth- The first of the Jason series. My dad screamed at the final jump at the end of the movie to scare us. It worked.
  7. Original Frankenstein- Maybe not the scariest movie but still a brilliant plot to this day.
  8. Halloween- Still a great film to watch on Halloween. I used to think Michael Myers was after me for years.
  9. Texas Chainsaw Massacre- Saw it in first grade. Still creeps me out. The musical score is perfect.



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