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Halloween Cocktails for Adults: Five Great Halloween Drink Recipes to Serve at a Halloween Party

Published by Ernest Deigado

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It doesn’t take a lot of extravagant ingredients or strange mixtures to make some fantastic Halloween themed concoctions for entertaining guests. In fact, for the most part the ingredients are probably already part of a well stocked liquor cabinet or readily available in the fall season.

Pumpkin Punch – If a social gathering is on the agenda for Halloween night, chances are a punch bowl will make an appearance at some point in the evening. Rather than sticking with tradition, why not get in to the Halloween spirit and give guests something to talk about as well. All that is required are a few simple ingredients and a hollowed out pumpkin.

  • 1 part Rum (any Rum will do but White Rum is likely best for this mixture)
  • 1 part Apple Cider
  • 2 parts Ginger Ale
  • 1 hollowed out pumpkin

Drop some ice cubes in to the empty pumpkin until approximately one quarter has been filled. Then, add the rum, apple cider and ginger ale, mix and serve with a ladle in to any standard rock glass. For added effect, drop a few small chunks of pumpkin in to the brew. They will float on top and add to the esthetic of the drink.

Zombie – It may not look very scary, but this potent drink is not for the faint of heart (as the name implies). There are several variations of this popular concoction, and amateur and professional bartenders alike often add their own special twist to mark their signature. No matter what variation ends up in the glass they all have one thing in common – a lot of alcohol. Here is one popular way to mix a Zombie:

  • 1 part White Rum
  • 1 part Amber Rum
  • 1 part Dark Rum
  • 1 part Apricot Brandy
  • 2 parts juice (any combination of Orange, Pineapple, Papaya or Lemon/Lime mix will usually suffice)
  • 2 – 3 dashes of Grenadine
  • ½ part 151 Proof Rum (optional)

Pour all the contents in to a mixer filled with ice (with the exception of the 151 proof rum), shake and pour in to any tall glass. Once poured, drizzle the 151 proof rum on the top of the beverage and garnish with a cherry or orange wedge.

But be careful, the sweet taste of a Zombie can easily mask its potency. If someone does not have a lot experience with alcohol, this is not the drink to start with.

Bloody Mary – No Halloween party should go with out this horrific sounding yet delicious tasting beverage. A well known and popular drink, party hosts can easily hold back the vodka to offer an alcohol free equivalent to guests with virtually no change to the taste (perfect for designated drivers). Either way, this is a tasty beverage.

  • 1 part Vodka
  • 5 parts Tomato Juice
  • 1 squeeze of lemon wedge
  • 2 -3 dashes each or Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco
  • Celery Salt on the rim

Salt the rim of the glass by running a lemon wedge along the edge and dipping it in a small dish filled with celery salt. Insert ice and pour vodka and tomato juice in to the glass. Add the Worcestershire Sauce and Tabasco and stir. Garnish with a celery stalk or lemon wedge.

Kahlua Cryptini – Every party has at least one Martini lover, so why not offer them one with a Halloween spin. It’s simple to make, full of flavor and should satisfy any guest’s martini craving.

  • 2 parts Kahlua
  • 1 part Vodka
  • ½ part chilled espresso

Simply pour all three ingredients in to a shaker over ice, mix and serve in a martini glass. It’s not a bad idea to let the espresso chill first so that the ice does not melt too quickly and dilute the flavor of the drink.

Black Cat – This delicious cocktail can be made with a few different combinations of alcohol with a cola and cranberry juice base. Any alcohol (or combination of alcohols) that produce a cherry flavor will do the trick. One popular combination is as follows:

  • 1 part Vodka
  • 1 part Cherry Brandy
  • 2 parts Cranberry Juice
  • 2 parts Cola

Pour all the ingredients in to a standard rock glass over ice and garnish with a cherry. If desired, the Vodka can be eliminated all together or substituted with Cherry liqueur. This may alter the taste of the beverage somewhat, but at this point it’s really simply a matter of preference.

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