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Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Women: Clever Costume Ideas – Bun in the Oven, Basketball & Deviled Egg

Published by Hilde Haubold

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Is there a bun in the oven? How about dressing up as an oven, and having the baby’s father dress up as a chef? There are many fun costume options for pregnant women on Halloween. Here are some of the best Halloween costume ideas for those with a growing belly.

Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Women

Having a pregnant belly on Halloween can be a big advantage when it comes to finding a clever costume. Disguising the belly as a basketball, soccer ball or a deviled egg are just a few fun ideas. Here’s how to do it.

Basketball Costume

For this costume, dress up in a pair of basketball shorts, high-top tennis shoes, striped knee socks, and a basketball jersey. Tuck the jersey up, so that the pregnant belly is bare, and draw a circle all the way around the belly using an orange makeup crayon. Color in the entire circular area in orange makeup. Using a black makeup crayon, draw lines like a regular basketball would have. Walk around holding the pregnant basketball belly as if it is about to be passed to another player. Wear a terrycloth headband around the forehead for added fun.

Deviled Egg Costume

Cut a large piece of yellow felt into an oval shape approximately the size of the pregnant belly. Sew or safety pin the oval piece to a stretchy, snug fitting solid white t-shirt. When the t-shirt is worn it should look as if the belly is an egg yolk. Wear a red devil horned headband, a red devil tail and carry around a devilish pitchfork.

Bun in the Oven Costume

For this costume, find a large box and spray paint it white. Cut one side of the box so that it is completely open. Slice the other side of the box right down the middle, and cut a hole for the neck, when the box is being worn tape the sliced part back together with clear packaging tape. Cut arm holes on each side of the box. Paint a large black square on the front of the box, and paint oven knobs and burners so that the box looks like an oven. Wear oven mitts on hands for added effect. Have the baby’s father dress up as a chef, by wearing an apron and chef’s hat.

Soccer Ball Costume This costume is another variation of the basketball costume. Instead of painting the bare belly to look a basketball, use white and black makeup crayons to paint it like a soccer ball. Wear a soccer jersey and tuck it upward so that the soccer ball belly will show. Wear soccer shorts, soccer socks, and a sporty terrycloth headband. Shin guards and soccer cleats are optional. Carry a water bottle as an additional prop.

These fun and clever costumes are sure to garner plenty of laughs. Use these imaginative costume ideas as inspiration for finding a witty way to use that pregnant belly this Halloween.

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