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Halloween Cupcake Picks

Published by Refugio Stolfi

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Monster Cakes

Straws or sucker sticks
Styrofoam balls
Paint, markers, beads, and/or other craft supplies

When you’re decorating cupcakes for a Halloween party it can get tedious. You have to prepare the frosting, frost the cupcakes, and then put icing in a bag. Dispensing it is the real tricky part; one mistake and you have to eat that cupcake. That doesn’t sound too bad until you realize how many mistakes you’ve made. Instead of creating a Halloween theme by the way that you frost the cakes, do something a little different, and you won’t have to eat a half-dozen mistakes. Halloween cupcake picks are a cool way to decorate the cupcakes and give each person a little party favor at the same time.

A Halloween cupcake pick is just that. It’s a pick that goes into the cupcake and sports a scary or a silly decoration on one end. It rises above the cupcake to create a unique look while not making you have to do all of that decorating. The picks can be very quick to make, or can take a bit more time, depending on the ones that you want.

Use a sucker stick, or even a straw, as the pick. Just make the cupcakes, frost them the way that you want, and then create a pick for each cake. The pick can be a pumpkin, a ghost, a ghoul, or any other character. One way to make a Halloween pick is to use a straw and put a pencil eraser on it. You can find Halloween-theme pencil toppers at most any dollar-theme store and they look great as cupcake toppers. They also make cool party favors.

Make your own pick characters by using small Styrofoam balls. For each character, push the straw into the ball and then decorate it. You can use a marker to draw black eyes and a mouth for a ghost. Draw a different type of eyes and a mouth to turn the white Styrofoam ball into a skeleton. Paint the ball orange (be careful in your paint selection; some paints melt Styrofoam) and turn it into pumpkin or jack-o-lantern pick. The ghoulish possibilities are endless.

There are so many things that you can attach to the Styrofoam ball to make the character picks even more adorable. Make yarn, cotton, or even feather hair, rhinestone or button eyes, a pom-pom or a bead nose, bead earrings, and much more. Look around at your local craft store for other small elements that you can incorporate into the Halloween cupcake picks. The characters that you create can be scary, silly, or cute but the effect on the crowd will be pleasing.



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