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Halloween Delicious Deals for the Party

Published by Nena Shankin

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Finally my favorite time of the year. October with all the fall festivities and hay rides, etc. The best thing about this time has to be Halloween. This is the only holiday that we decorate our homes and ourselves. Except for the ones playing Santa Claus but that’s another story. Who can forget the sweet bunches of candy too. Another reason to celebrate. Well when Halloween comes along me and my family have a big party. Like others who throw scary parties we also like to get creative with the food too. So I’m going to share a few party favor recipes with you all. So take notes guys and ghouls.

It’s a great way to make food look ghoulish and not very appetizing. Just by using some food coloring or dye. I use this on things such as macaroni or spaghetti noodles. This will make them look like worms or maggots depending on the color used. To add a little more reality to it just crush up some brownies in there to look like dirt. Yummy!

If you have a simple recipe for biscuit dough or anything similar. Fix this and roll it into balls. Then you can paint them like eyeballs. Be sure to place them to where they appear to be looking at your guests while they are eating. Look out!

Another favorite of mine is the “freshly ground beef cemetery dirt pile”. This is my own recipe. Though it may just be a creative name for hamburger meat. That’s all it is. Just ground beef fried and served with the name tag on it. Careful not to dig up anyone while serving this.

Of course you always have the famous cookies that look like everything from spiders to bats made from biscuit or cookie dough. These are always a treat for the children. Dead or alive! Of course served with milk dyed green to resemble slime. Tasty!!

These are just a few of the tasty yet nasty treats I have enjoyed sharing with all of you. I hope you will use them at your next Halloween party. Oh and be sure not to serve the worm looking dishes if your sister will throw up like mine! This was certainly a trick on me instead. What a mess to clean up. I do hope all your guest enjoy these treats. If not you can always have a trick or two planned. Happy Halloween everybody.

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