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Halloween Dinner Ideas

Published by Mckinley Catterton

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Halloween is a Christian festival celebrated across the world on October 31st every year. The basic root of this festival lies in Celtic festival of Samhain. The festival is very often associated with colors like orange and black making patterns or Jack- O- Lanterns. The various activities associated with the celebrations of Halloween include wearing scary costumes, trick or treating, bonfires, visiting haunted places and specially organizing amazing Halloween dinner idease with spooky dishes resembling scary characters like Dracula, Frakenstein, and Zombies.

Halloween dinner ideas prepared on this day are widely famous across the globe. Various kinds of spooky items are prepared. Like the French fried eye balls which are specially made for this Holiday comprised of just 2 potatoes. The recipe is as follows just mash the potatoes and mould them into round eye ball shaped balls. Cook in microwave oven at 160 degrees Celsius for around 20 minutes. Your horrifying dish is ready. Or you also can go for the dish Called Dead Fingers. This is nothing but a special cookie preparation which resembles the shape of dead fingers. A simple recipe to make all you need to do is just make the dough in the shape of fingers with the help of a bag without with the tip off to get the finger like appearance. Use an almond to show the fingernail and use a simple butter knife or any pointed clean object to make the shapes of wrinkles in the finger or for making the knuckles. If properly made it will look quite creepy. To make it more spooky add red icing to resemble that the blood is oozing out of it. Your scary Halloween dinner is now ready. Enjoy the fingers.

The thrill of Halloween food lies in innovation of new and imaginative scary food items. For example you can make simple milk kept in a bowl extremely horrifying. Just make a sugar solution. Add a bit of green or red food coloring in it. Mix the solution with milk. The spooky dish is ready. If green coloring stuff is used it will give the effect that the milk is spoiled, and if red coloring agent is used well Beware!! It will give the impression that you are a vampire and the bowl contains nothing but human blood. Quite scary!! You can try out new and new innovative dishes to make this years Halloween food party more and more horrifying. You can also prepare another drink called Vampire’s Blood Shake. All you need is 2 cups of yogurt and mix it with one teaspoon full of vanilla extract. Now take 1 package of frozen strawberries and some ice cubes and one pint strawberry ice cream. The procedure to make the drink is to mix the yogurt, strawberries and vanilla in a blender and pour the solution in a tall glass. Add icing and a large amount of strawberry ice cream on top and serve chilled.

The degree of how scary your Halloween dinner can be depends entirely on your imaginative depth. You can make spooky dishes from simple household items such as a “bloody soup” with just some tomato soup and some biscotti to create fingers dipped in delicious blood soup. So think deep and start imagining and in no time you will have a Halloween Dinner scary enough to show off!



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