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Halloween Drinks for Big or Little Kids

Published by Merlin Leachman

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Family-friendly Halloween drinks ready to serve-up on blustery fall nights. Warm “spiced-up” drink favorites, disgustingly-gooey ice cream floats and party-punch sensations ready for the “costume” season.

Ghost-Buster Marshmallow & Cinnamon Swirled Hot Chocolate

Using your favorite brand of individual Hot Chocolate Cocoa packets, mix and heat according to package directions. Top-off with a handful of Miniature Marshmallows, a sprinkling of Ground Cinnamon and swirl it with a Licorice Stick (any color or flavor).

Caramel-Apple Cider Punch

Pour a gallon-size jug of Apple Cider into a boiling pot, adding several whole Cinnamon Sticks and a handful of Whole Cloves, onto a back stove-top burner, and bring to a slow, bubbling boil. (Carefully remove all cloves and cinnamon sticks to re-use later or discard, prior to serving.) Allow to cool slightly before pouring by ladle-full into ceramic mugs containing long Tootsie-Rolls for stir sticks, which will make the apple cider taste like caramel apples.

Party-Punch Potion With Floating Eyeballs

At least one day ahead of your Halloween party or gathering, in ice-cube trays, freeze Pink Lemonade with large Candy Eyeballs in each cube (to prevent any choking hazards). For a great selection of over-sized Halloween “eyeballs” (as well as other candy assortments, holiday and Christian accessories) refer to Oriental Trading catalogs or find them online at orientaltrading.com.

The day of your party cut in half and hollow-out a Large Pumpkin (your choice of either orange or white) to be used as your “live” punch-bowl. Place your pumpkin punch-bowl onto a large platter or tray and surround the base with loose Candy-Corn kernels.

Pour into the “live” punch-bowl two to three large bottles each, of 7-Up and either Red Hawaiian Punch or Cranberry Juice. Just as your ghoulish guests are arriving, empty the Pink Lemonade eyeball-laden ice cubes into the punch and serve-up in plastic pumpkin-shaped punch cups. Please resist the temptation to add dry (chemical) ice for brewing effect! Instead, hide dry ice added to a bowl of water behind your punch bowl, allowing the fog to flow in and around your table display.

Green-Goblin Mint Chocolate-Chip Float

Place into a tall glass with skeleton-hand stem (as seen in Oriental Trading catalog) adding two or three scoops Green Mint Chocolate-Chip Ice Cream. Pour Sparkling Water or 7-Up over the ice cream scoops. Serve with or without a straw and spoon.

Muddy Tar-Bottom Float

Pour into a tall glass (in the order given) approximately ¼ cup Dark Chocolate Syrup, then add three scoops of Dark Chocolate Ice Cream. Pour Chocolate Milk over the ice cream, then crumble smashed Oreo Cookies on top. Serve with a straw and a long-stem spoon.

Tangy Dissected-Frog Sherbet Floats

Spoon three scoops of Lime Sherbet into a tall glass and pour 7-Up or Sparkling Water (any flavor) over the sherbet. Drizzle clumps of Fruit Punch Frozen Concentrate (without diluting) by spoonful over the top, do not mix. Serve with red straws and long spoons. Find plastic clip-on frogs or use lime wedges over the edge of the glasses.

If you prefer “healthier” beverage options take a peak at my articles “Juicing, Smoothies and Milkshakes” or “Sparkling Drinks and Coolers, Floats and Freezes”, listed on my source page. However, once or twice-a-year gooey sweet treats and ghoulishly delicious high-caloric drinks really shouldn’t push anyone into an early grave!



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