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Halloween Favors You Can Make Yourself

Published by Rich Cicchetti

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A Little Bit of Work Makes Lots of Fun

If you are having a Halloween party and are looking to keep it from getting expensive yet make it special, I have a few ideas for you. These can be made at home and used as party favors guests can take home as gifts. These should not kill your budget in the meantime.

Spooky Plates

First you need to use old china plates. You probably have some in the basement you never use. If not, go to a thrift store. Just buy the cheapest ones you can find that match.

You are going to paint these. First you will put gold relief paint to make an outline around the plate of a ghost, pumpkin or whatever figure you wish. When dry, use colored glass paint with a fine brush to fill it in. You can also put each persons name on it if you wish. You can put the plates at the table but put a paper plate on it if they want to put food on it because these plates should not come in contact with food.

Pumpkin Favors

Buy the smallest pumpkins you can find. If you find tiny plastic pumpkins at a thrift store, you can use those. If you have a real pumpkin, cut out the tops and clean. Let inside dry. Paint on eyes and mouth outside. Fill insides with candy. Cut black construction paper or tissue paper into long thin pieces and hang them out the top of the pumpkins on top of the candy. Cute looking favors, kids especially love.

Creepy Glasses

This party favor requires small plain clear glasses. They are about 49 cents each at a thrift store. Much like the plates you will decorate with relief outline paint around them. When dry, use glass paint with a small brush to fill in designs. Let dry and put in a small tea light candle. These are great Halloween party gifts for all ages enjoy.

Goody Box

You can use small paper bags or small boxes. Cut out tiny Halloween shape items like ghosts and pumpkins. Glue around box or bag. Fill with candies and let tissue paper hang out or put plastic critters on top of box. This is one of the easiest party favors but it always pleases guests.

Halloween Pouches

This is really simple. You will need orange tissue paper, black ribbon and candy (jelly beans work great). Just Put jelly beans in the center of tissue paper. Twist it closed and tie with ribbon. You can decorate it with eyes and a mouth or put names on each if you wish.

Witches Hats

This is probably more for kids than adults. Take black construction paper and make a cone for the top of a witch’s hat. Cut a circle in another piece of construction paper for a brim. Glue the two pieces together. Make paper or use plastic bugs or ghosts or anything related to Halloween and glue it to hat. Put name tags on front so each child knows where to sit. Cute hats they can each take home.

These are a few handy craft ideas that I’ve either seen or used. All have been lots of fun. Get your kids involved and make it a group project. Guests will enjoy your efforts.

Source: Halloween Fun and Food book by Sara Lewis



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