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Halloween Fear

Published by Roseanne Peveto

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This story is totally true and has never been shared with anyone other than family members due to the amount of embarrassment that my sister and I felt…until now.

It was Halloween, about 15 years ago, and my husband and I had been to a party at my sisters home and needless to say there was some drinking involved. My sister and myself tried to see which of us could drink the most alcohol. I am still not sure who won, we we’re both pretty lit.

We dressed for the occasion. My sister as a witch and I as a vampire.As we handed out Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters we decided on a new game,who could scare the kids the most. She was dressed as a pretty convincing witch and I was dressed as a vampire. When our husbands heard the screams of the children as they were fleeing from the front porch they decided it was time to separate us and break up the party.I went home with a promise to my sister that I would call when I got there.

The first thing I do when I enter my home is turn on the T.V. and of course it being Halloween there was a horror flick on.

Well, as inebriated as I was, I took what I was hearing on the television to heart. THERE WAS A METEOR HEADED TOWARD EARTH!!! Three of them to be exact! One headed to Dallas which was only about 100 miles from where my Mom lived. The other one for the town we lived in! I don’t remember where the other one was headed, I had already heard enough! It was the end for us!

First thing I do is jump in the car with my husband and head back to my sisters home. The streets were deserted. I assumed everyone had already taken shelter in a basement somewhere because that is what was recommended on the T.V. news show.

When I arrived at my sisters house I ran in and changed channels so she could see what was going on. She just thought that I had had more to drink and gone slightly crazy, which I guess I had, until she starts watching. The announcer is telling everyone to gather blankets, pillows, candles and as much food and water as possible and get to the basement. I filled her in on the rest. We decided not to call our Mother because it would be best for her not to know. If she was asleep she would be better off.

There was so little time to gather all the supplies that we needed,and carry them to the basement, but we did the best that we could. With, I might add absolutely no help from our husbands. All they could do was get in our way and laugh their you know whats off! Try as we might they would not get in the basement with us. They chose to stand outside to watch the meteor as it struck.

We turned the television up as loud as it would go, so we could hear it in the basement. We wanted to know exactly the moment the meteor would hit. Our husbands were standing outside the door talking like nothing was happening, but we knew better! I have never been so scared in all of my life!

Finally we heard the anchor man say, “Here it comes! May God have mercy on our souls!” and the T.V. went off the air. Our husbands throw back the basement door laughing hysterically and inform our drunk butts that it was a movie!

My sister and I learned our lesson about drinking and believing everything that you see on television.I guess we were kind of in shock for a while after that. We had pretty much sobered up by then. I told my sister that we should have realized that if it had actually been the end of the world, they would not have broke for commercial!



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