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Halloween Fiction Contest: In Death We Will Not Part

Published by Roseanne Peveto

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Halloween Stories

They were in love, in sync, soul mates in their eyes, but still the ordinary couple with an ordinary life invaded with moments of anger and sadness; they were happy and the love they shared was their sustenance.

The weather was balmy when Heather opened blood shot eyes, and she gave thanks that it was Saturday and not another work filled week day that sucked the very energy from her being. She ran her slender fingers through a tangled mane, her diamond adding to the impassableness as she instantly remembered that today was the salon day. The recollection brought her to full senses as the need to get an early start sank into her. She tried to spin over from her stomach and found that she was pinned down.

The usual smile danced on Heather’s lips at the realization that her fiancé’s head was peacefully nestled in the dip of her lower back. It was his favorite position, and one she didn’t mind except for the occasions when she had her ‘monthly flow’.

“Chad get up, I have to go” she whispered softly trying not to scare him out of his slumber. Chad slowly moved and heaved himself onto the pillow next to him, again lost in his dream state.

“Yes, I was right” Heather thought to herself inhaling the gentleness of the morning breeze. “Today’s perfect for running those evasive errands.” She smiled as she thought of how she humanized her errands to take the fall for her own tardiness.

It was nightfall when she finally got home; she remembered her last conversation with Chad where he fervently told her he was going dirt biking in the hills with friends. Anything to do with an adrenalin rush was right up his alley. “Ok.” She had responded with disappointment but he was too excited to note the tone in her voice. Heather was really looking forward to a nice quiet romantic evening with her fiancé. They both had hectic jobs and hardly spent quality time during the week.

It was 9pm when she looked at the clock; she didn’t try to reach Chad as she knew there would be no reception in those hills. Deciding not to wait up anymore, Heather retired to bed. It was 3am when she opened her eyes. The lids were heavy as she drifted in and out of sleep. In a passing moment her mind went to Chad, but then she relaxed as she felt the familiar weight in the dip of her back.

Sunday morning greeted her with unusual darkness. She tilted her head to see the skies through the French windows, realizing that the shadows in her room were created by rain clouds. The temptation to remain in bed was overwhelming but for some reason she had her mind set on attending her church’s service that day.

“Chad, honey get up. We need to go” Heather felt the weight shift from her back, and for a few seconds she felt a throbbing pain. Turning over from her stomach she reached across to the side of the bed where Chad’s pillow lay. Expecting to feel his face and warmth, Heather fingers caressed the cold pillow case. Terrified she flew out the bed and flicked on the light switch, sure her mind was playing some crude trick on her.

Her now bulging eyes scanned the empty bed. She fell to her knees and looked underneath it remembering that he was sometimes like a playful child. Another quality that endeared him to her heart, her voice trembling she called his name “Chad, Chad!” There was no response just a sinister silence that seemed to mock her very fears.

Rushing to her phone which habitually spent its nights beneath her pillow, Heather frantically punched in Chad’s number and listened for the ring, again she felt the throbbing in her back. An unfamiliar voice answered the phone.

“Hello.” “Yes, hello…who’s this? Chad…I’m trying to reach my boyfriend…Chad.”

The silence was deafening, it seemed like eternity before she received a response.

“Heather?” It was Chad’s best friend. “It’s Bradley. We’ve been trying to reach you for the past two hours.” “Why?” “What’s wrong and where’s Chad?”

Heather asked the questions in between sharp breaths. At the same time she quickly looked at her phone screen and saw the missed calls Bradley referred to.

“Heather…Chad…he decided to ride home on the highway….he didn’t see…” “What?” “What are you saying?”

Heather was screaming, as the phone fell from her hands, her mind replaying Bradley’s last words like a scratched CD.

“He didn’t see the oncoming car…when he came out from behind the truck…he went headlong into it….Heather he lost his head.”



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