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Halloween Food, Treats, and Recipes for the Next Halloween Party

Published by Kareem Wycoff

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This year don’t stress over the Halloween treats. These tips will have the party ready fast and allow for mingling and fun without a worry. Below are two cake ideas that will sure to please any age. Tips are included to make the Halloween party a successful event.

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween treats do not need to all be scary, creepy, or gross. This Halloween serve up some party recipes that will please the guests without the gross factor. Normal party food ideas that can be used at any party can work well at Halloween too. Chips and dip, vegetable and fruit trays, and even pizza can be served.

The trick to making everyday food work well for the Halloween party is the containers they will be served on. Pick up some plastic pumpkin, ghost, or cauldron trick-or-treat buckets that can be used to hold chips.

Cover the table with a black tablecloth and purchase black and orange plastic silverware. These can be thrown away to save on clean-up time. If a more ‘creepy’ feel is desired add plastic skulls, bones, and other items around the food table.

Halloween Party Food

Knowing how many guests will be joining the party will make preparing the food less chaotic. Begin by knowing how many invitations were given out. Prepare enough food to feed all who were invited. Although, not all who were invited will show up.

Along with the normal party food purchase plain glazed donuts or donut holes. Cover the donuts with chocolate and add orange sprinkles to make a quick Halloween treat. Serving cupcakes can also be easy. Start by preparing cupcakes as directed on package. Cover with white icing.

Purchase red gel icing at a local grocery store. Insert the tip into the icing on the cupcake and squeeze while pulling out. Do this two times. This will make the cupcake look like it is bleeding from the inside.

Halloween Cakes and Cupcakes

Prepare cake as package or recipe indicates and let cool. Place cake in refrigerator for several hours or overnight. The icing will go on much smoother when the cake is cool instead of room temperature. To make a “graveyard” cake begin by laying out the bottom layer. Give the layer a quick coat of icing before placing the second layer.

This is no time to be precise with cake layers. Cut cake into chucks and stack them in different directions making humps. Think about dirt mounds when placing the layers. Be sure to give each layer a coat of icing before continuing. When layers are finished mix tan or brown icing for the main color. Don’t be pretty with the icing. It is supposed to be a ‘graveyard’.

Once all the icing is on the cake add plastic bones and hands coming out of the ‘ground’. Around the bones and hands sprinkle granulated brown sugar to look like dirt. Add a large tombstone to the back of the cake and add a couple of gargoyles on the sides for a fantastic centerpiece cake. Use these ideas on a smaller scale and opt for cupcakes instead.

More Halloween Party Ideas

Try adding red food coloring to cake batter to give a ‘bloody’ effect. Also, prepare the day before the party by baking sugar cookies in the shapes of witches, bats, moons, cats, haunted house, etc. Let the cookies cool and decorate. Use these as a scene on the cake for a ‘haunted’ cake topper. Serve warm apple cider to drink and decorate with black and orange balloons.

Cover all tables with plastic tablecloths and hang white lights where lighting is needed. Have games prepared to play and give away pumpkins and mums as prizes depending on the age group at the party. Decorate the room to resemble a haunted house, turn down the lights, and put on some spooky music and enjoy the evening

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