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Halloween Game for Children’s Parties: Easy to Make & Fun to Play Activity for Younger Kids

Published by Vernell Yamashiro

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Bobbing for apples may be a classic Halloween game, but it’s hard on costumes, unhygienic and messy, especially if the uncertain weather of Autumn moves the party inside. For a new twist on an old game,try Donut-on-a-String! The object of the game is to get the most bites out of the donut without using the hands. It’s lots harder than it sounds, and much funnier to watch. Unlike bobbing for apples, where spectators can’t really see anything, those waiting their turn find the antics of the players almost as much fun as the game itself.

Materials for Donut on a String

  • String – Non-toxic cotton works best
  • Doorway, soffit, or sturdy clothing rack
  • Large piece of plastic to protect floor-can be roll plastic, tarp or old shower curtain
  • Push pins
  • Apron or smock with pockets, monster hands, or old sock
  • Stopwatch or timer if played as a race
  • Donuts-full sized donuts are the best, and while powdered sugar is the messiest, it’s also the funniest. Any kind will do, but be sure to ask parents about food allergies beforehand. For a healthier variation, substitute bagels. The softer, packaged ones work well for this.

How to Play Donut-on-a-String

Find a wide doorway or soffit in your home. Or, buy or borrow a clothing rack. Tie a string top bar of the rack. If you’re using a door way with wood trim, a pushpin on the top of the trim works well with no visible damage to the molding. Loop the string around the push pin or the rod so that the ends can be tied in a bow. You will want you child to help with this, as the donut should hang in the vicinity of the player’s mouth. To maintain a fast paced game, prepare the donuts in advance by tying a loop of string around them.

Players may not use their hands, so they should be clasped behind the back, or they can wear a decorated smock or apron with pockets, monster hands, or a tube of fabric (which can be a sock with the toe cut off) as a sort of muff. After a proscribed length of time, the player with the most bites out of the donut wins the game, but everyone wins as they all get to finish their donuts. With a big enough area, this can be played as a race with two or more partygoers playing at once.

Kids love this game, as it is messy, funny, and delicious.

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