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Halloween Games and Activities for Your Autistic Child

Published by Silas Colacone

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Autism is believed to have affected six million children in the United States. Though labeled as a disability, autism does not prevent children from participating in normal activities that other children would.

Depending upon the age and maturity of the autistic child will depend which kinds of activities are appropriate for your child. The younger your child is, the simpler your games can be. Another thing to be aware of is to not have anything too scary. You want your child to enjoy Halloween and not be afraid of it.

Start with a matching game. Have your child match pumpkins that are exactly alike in shape and color. Do the same with other Halloween shapes like cats and broomsticks and funny looking witches. Do the same thing with real apples. Cut apples up into different shapes and have your child pick which ones match.

A fishing-type game is a great way to get some activity in with your children. Get foam, soft plastic, or even an air-filled long and straight pole and attach a string to the end of it. Have your child swing the pole around like they are fishing. Instead of a hook at the end of your string, attach a pumpkin with tape on it to attach a treat to the end of it. Treats can be pencils, stickers, or small toys.

Another activity to play is ball passing game, only have the ball be an inflatable pumpkin. Pass the ball around, across, and through a circle of kids sitting on the floor as each one tries to catch it and pass it on. Don’t put a time limit or make the children rush around to play this game. Just let them play it at their own pace.

Have coloring activities where your child colors with crayons on different Halloween pages. Play Halloween bingo to match shapes on an orange colored bingo card. Each square on the bingo page has a different shape in it and have your child draw a shape out of a hat or bowl and have them match which shape is on the bingo card. This is the kind of bingo that everyone can win.

Whatever activities you choose, the key is to be patient and take it easy. If your child decides to do something else with the activity that isn’t destructive or harmful, go ahead and let them do it. This is Halloween and not school time, so it should be fun even if it is a little educational.




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