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Halloween Games for a Fun and Squeamish Party

Published by Justin Ewert

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Everyone has played Halloween games at some point in his or her life. The most common and popular games have really been overused; games like bobbing for apples and telling ghost stories have been popular for over a century. Adding some creative and original games can really add some punch to your party! Each of the Fear Factor-inspired Halloween games involve a bit more planning than tossing some apples into a bucket of water, but the fun and memories will be well worth your time.

TV these days has plenty of reality TV shows, and Fear Factor doesn’t stray from the theme. Simply watching an episode can start those creative Halloween game juices flowing! When you invite your friends, be sure to let them know that your party has Halloween games inspired by a challenging TV show-and will be filled with special effects, funny dares, and the kind of excitement that might make your stomach churn.

Of the five senses, one of the strongest is the sense of touch. Playing Halloween games involving touch can really spark ideas and confuse minds! Before the party, prepare some boxes. The idea is to put bowls of food that feel gross inside. Because they can’t see the material within the box, their thoughts imaginations will run away with them. Make sure they know the rule-they must complete one dare to begin another. This will heighten excitement and encourage them to keep going. This Halloween game is especially great for middle school and early high school age kids-the boys will tease the girls mercilessly, and the girls soak it in!

In one box, put a bowl of cold spaghetti with sauce. This will feel like brains to bare hands-be sure to weave a creative story to go with it! For example, “These are the brains of a dead animal; I found it in my backyard this morning”. This is a great Halloween game because the materials are easy to find. There are lots of different foods that feel slimy and strange to the touch. A box of stripped grapes will feel like the eyes of a dead pirate; beef liver can be the insides of the last kid who lost the game. Wet shoelaces tied together are intestines, and well, you get the picture. Kids will love this game, and the stories you weave should be appropriate for their age group. This is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable Halloween games they have ever played!

The next Halloween game is also Fear Factor-inspired. It involves both hearing and touch, and some pre-planning. Have one party-goer in the middle of a room, blind-folded and seated on a chair. Have a baby rattle and a rubber snake on hand. Tell the child that you will be taking a rattle snake from the box. Pull the rubber snake over his body and shake the rattle next to his ear. There are lots of other options for this Halloween game, and it’s also fun to have the child try to guess what you are actually using, especially if he or she knows that you can’t stand to touch snakes!

When the Halloween games are over, be sure to serve some gross snacks! Gummy worms in ice cream with cookie crumbs is a popular favorite, and don’t forget candy corn in chocolate for another mess! Use your imagination and be inspired; your Halloween party will be a hit!




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