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Published by Sterling Thesing

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He was busy, for time was short until All Hallows Eve. So much to do! So many to deceive.

I certainly hope that things are progressing as we expect, said the counselor, who served as an advisor for several lower-level workers.

Yes. We’re doing quite well, replied the subordinate. “We’ve just about completely turned the focus onto parties and entertainment. Halloween is now almost entirely seen as a harmless way to have fun, rather than an open door for us. Reports are coming in from all around the country that there is a renewed interest in witchcraft and sorcery, especially with the young.”

Really! With the children? How did you accomplish that?

As you suggested, we’ve been continuing our focus on popular entertainment. We were successful in getting our message into several movies this year, and as you know we’ve been controlling some of the music for years now. Combined with the success we’ve had on television, the young are buying into our beliefs in larger numbers than ever before. We’ve even started some school-based clubs for would-be witches and wizards! It’s becoming trendy to dabble in the occult.

The advisor was most pleased. “It’s gotten easier since our school team removed the Bible from the classroom, hasn’t it?”

Indeed, it has. Removing the opposition from the schools was a stroke of genius!

The counselor chuckled to himself, content at the progress they had made. “We’ve come a long way since Samhain,” he remarked quietly. “But what of your attack plans?” he demanded. “You must have arrangements in place to move quickly and forcefully on Halloween night. It’s not enough to deceive them into blindness to the truth – we must also lead them to our side.”

The underling swelled with pride, sure that his master would approve of their preparations. “Well, we have encouraged plans for many to participate in what they see as Halloween games. Thousands will experiment with seances, thinking them harmless. Many have planned to visit graveyards to duplicate spells they’ve read in our books. Thousands more will play our games like the Ouija board. We’ve convinced most of them that these are all risk-free fun. It’s rare to see a human that understands the real danger, and the ones that do we’re attempting to isolate.”

Attempting? That’s not good enough! roared the advisor. “You must isolate every single one of the believers on Halloween! You know what one of them is capable of, even if they themselves often do not. We must contain those that believe in Him, and keep them from meddling in our plans.”

How can we accomplish that in so short a time, master?

It’s not as difficult as you think, apprentice. It is far easier to isolate than it is to convert. There are many ways to keep the believers occupied. Make their car break down. Cause their furnace to fail. Keep them at work longer. Disturb their marriage. Stir up some trouble in their personal life. Anything! Just keep them from working against us. Keep them from talking to others about the truth, and most of all keep them too busy and too distracted to pray.

The subordinate was eager to get started on this pre-emptive strike. “We will begin immediately. Our focus on Halloween games will lure many into deception this year, introducing them to us unwittingly. Once the introductions have been made, well…..many of them really have no idea of the truth, do they?”

No, they don’t. They think that because they can’t see us with their human eyes we’re not real. Fools! We need to keep it that way. Remember, our most-successful strategy is to keep them thinking that we don’t exist, that it’s all just fun and games. Now get to work.

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith…… 1 Peter 5: 8-9 (New International Version)



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