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Halloween Ghost Lollipops

Published by Clare Cashion

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My nine-year-old daughter loves to do arts and crafts but often finds herself in over her head with beads or paints or glittery glue globs. More often than not, the craft goes unfinished and we find that the mess really wasn’t worth the effort, not to mention the expense. So when we come across an idea that is simple, inexpensive, and fun, well now that sounds much more palatable to a mom who doesn’t feel like scraping paint off the kitchen table one more time. One such simple craft that I learned from my days as a day-care teacher is a cute little Halloween ghost lollipop.

Materials for a Halloween Ghost Lollipop

All you’ll need to create these spooky little treats is the following:

  • lollipops (we use Dum-Dums but Tootsie Pops or Blow Pops will work too)
  • toilet paper
  • small rubber bands or ribbon
  • a Sharpie marker, or other non-toxic marker

Make the Spooky Treat!

To get started:

  1. Take a lollipop (keeping the wrapper on!) and cover the top of it with a square of white toilet paper. If the lollipop is bigger, it might take a couple of squares or a regular tissue, but one square works fine for Dum-Dums.
  2. Secure the toilet paper at the point where the stick meets the candy, using a small rubber band or, if you’re feeling particularly crafty, using an orange or black ribbon. For our lollipop ghosts, we used tiny rubber hair bands in different colors which looked really cute. Now your lollipop should look like a ghost.
  3. Take your marker and carefully dot on eyes and a circular mouth or a smile, or mix it up and make different expressions, but keep in mind that the color will bleed if you saturate the tissue too much. In our experience, it’s best to do a quick dot for eyes and a small oval mouth. Have fun experimenting with different expressions, too! Let your child’s creativity flow.

The best part about this Halloween treat is that my daughter was so enthusiastic about making these cute ghost pops that she ended up filling an entire pumpkin-shaped bucket with them and is eagerly looking forward to handing them out on Halloween night. These would also make a great treat for class celebrations or as an activity to do with kids at a Halloween party at home! They are sure to be a hit, and even better, they are extremely inexpensive and cause very little mess.

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