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Halloween Goes Vintage for Kid Groups

Published by Aaron Zellefrow

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Easy and Creative Group Ideas for Halloween

Fall is near and that means Halloween! The costume clad kids parading thorough the neighborhood in groups and clustering at the doors for candy is what some kids wait for all year long. Planning happens long in advance and parents begin searching for the perfect costume for their little goblin. This year, why not get together with the group that goes trick or treating in the neighborhood and decide on a group costume?

Kid’s group costumes are so much fun and they are huge attention getters. A wide array of choices can please any one and any budget. Most costumes can even be homemade. One classic that can be made into a group costume easily would be 80’s punk rockers. Your tween will eat this one up. Fully clad in punk rock neon and dotted with safety pins and enough hairspray to hold for days, your little punks will be ready to rock the block. A group of friends can use Halloween as their excuse to be a punk rock band, varying in colors and crazy makeup. Don’t forget some awesome Trick or Treat bags, neon or glow in the dark fabric paint added to a blank canvas bag is the perfect encore. Don’t forget to add safety pins to that as well!

Halloween also presents the challenge to be as creative as possible. Halloween costumes based on cartoons might not seem creative but if you make them, they are. No sewing needed! Scooby Doo is one of the most classic cartoons out there. Why not give a nod to Freddy and the rest of the crew this Halloween? This one is a cinch. Start with Freddy with one of the boys in the group. Pick a guy with already short hair and simply spray with yellow hairspray, readily available during Halloween. If yellow is not available you can always use acrylic yellow paint, it will wash out eventually, with lots of scrubbing. The rest of the outfit is even simpler; white sweater, blue dress shirt or polo, jeans, brown dress shoes and do NOT forget the orange ascot. Plenty of places carry solid bandannas; just tie it as an ascot. Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy can follow suit. Head to the local thrift or discount store with pictures of the Mystery Incorporated Gang and be creative.

Your kids will be the hit of the neighborhood and you won’t be broke!



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