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Halloween Goodie Bags for Your Party

Published by Tona Bernstrom

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Halloween goodie bags are a great way to send home party favors for hosting your kid’s Halloween party this year. You can put lots of simple things in them that will spruce up your party and make them fun even when the party’s over.

Start with the bag. If you are going to have different items for girls and boys in the bags, make one color bags for boys like black and another color bag for girls like orange. Make or glue designs to the outside like white skeletons on the black bags and black cats on the orange ones.

Party stores will have different monochromatic colored paper bags that you can decorate any way you wish. They will be about the size of a standard paper bag you send lunch in. Buy packs of Halloween stickers and put them all over the outside of the bags leaving no doubt this is a Halloween party bag. If you have time and are so daring, put names of the attendees on the outside of the bag in appropriate colored marker.

What to put in the bags will be easy this time of year. Your local party store and craft store will have myriads of small items to choose from to put in your bag.

The first and most obvious thing to put in the bag is candy. Not so much candy because that will naturally be given out during other times of the party, but a little handful will suffice.

Shiny Halloween confetti can be bought this time of year. If you want to make your own confetti, take orange, black, and purple paper and cut it up into small pieces and put some of the mix in the bag.

Halloween themed pencils are a great thing to add, and throw in some erasers as well. You can find those in just about any retailer’s seasonal section this time of year.

If the bag is for a boy, put little plastic and rubber bugs, frogs, and other creepy crawlies in the bag. If it is for a girl, go for plastic rings and black cats.

Throw in some packs of the same stickers you decorated the outside of the bags in the bags for guests to take home.

Here’s a personal touch. Take digital photographs of each child participating and print them out on your photo printer and have them pick out their pictures as they are leaving. If they are simple 3 by 5 photos, you can quickly glue them to a cardboard backing or get simple photo frames to put in the bags as they are leaving.

Goodie bags are a great way to say thank you for coming to my Halloween party. No matter what you put in them, they are sure to be a hit for your party.



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