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Halloween Goodies: Drink Some Strange Brew!

Published by Irina Spinoza

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Halloween can be fun for many reasons: dressing up, mysteriousness, scaring people, getting lots of candy and excuses for EATING lots of candy… But you can also get creative with drinks as well!

Part One: Strange Colors and Weird Things!

Things you might need: ice cube trays, water, beverages, food coloring, objects for “floaties” (such as jimmies/sprinkles, edible glitter, etc), scary straws, fake spiders, etc.

It’s not difficult to turn an ordinary drink into a scary looking one. One of the easiest ways is to take a basic drink such as apple juice or water (or beer or a mixed drink) and add a few drops of food coloring to it. Voila, it took less than 5 seconds to transform that drink into a Halloween treat!

Another great way is to freeze ice cubes with strange things in them. Of course, make sure you use both edible and safe things that will not choke someone if it melts into their drink unexpectedly. I recommend using things such as jimmies/sprinkles or edible glitter in different colors that you might find on cakes. You can get creative with this!

Also, you can add food coloring to the ice cubes as another option, or do both! It looks really neat to layer the colors in the ice. All you have to do is fill the ice cube trays about 1/3 of the way and put a drop of dye in it. After that freezes, continue to add another layer or two of different colors. It’s so easy and safe to experiment with this! Fun for kids too. Try to use clear glasses when you serve with these ice cubes and food coloring surprises!

Find some interesting things to use as garnishes. For example, soak some olives in some different food colorings to achieve a strange look. Add it to martinis or pierce it onto a straw to serve with any beverage. Fake eyeballs, spiders, and many other interesting things can be used (as long as nothing presents a choking hazard).

Part Two: Bloody Brains (This is an alcoholic shot.)

Things you will need: peach schnapps, Irish cream liqueur, grenadine, shot glass

a. In a standard shot glass, pour very cold peach schnapps about halfway into the glass. A clear glass or plastic shot glass works best for this.

b. Carefully layer Irish cream on top of the schnapps to fill almost completely. Let sit for about 20 seconds.
(If you are unsure to layer, slowly tip the glass to about a 45 degree angle and VERY SLOWLY pour the Irish cream down the side of the glass so it floats on top of the other liqueur. It’s best to use a pourer.)

c. Very slowly drip 3-4 drops of grenadine into the center of the shot. It will pull some of the Irish cream down into the schnapps. This will create a lumpy red looking substance in the bottom of the glass.

Let the shot sit for just a few seconds to give it a moment to get nice and chunky, then serve chilled.

This shot might sound disgusting, but it actually tastes really good! People always have a funny look on their face before they drink it, and after they drink it and feel the lumpy Irish cream sliding down their throat, they don’t quite know how to react, but they tend to come back for seconds! (Of course, please drink responsibly and do not serve minors alcoholic beverages!)

I hope you enjoy these ideas. Happy Halloween!

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