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Halloween Happy Punch

Published by Toshia Dubon

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Remember to Party Safe

Halloween is one of those holidays that people will often have a party. Many of children will go out trick or treating. Parents will often have an adult get together. Sometimes punch with some adult beverages will lighten to the mood or listen things up.

Here are some of the things you will need for a large punch bowl full. For you base I recommend Hawaiian Punch or similar dark red beverage. I base my units on two gallons of this. For each two gallons of Hawaiian Punch you will add a half gallon of cherry PowerAde. You also want to take two large cans of fruit cocktail per two gallons of Punch. The PowerAde actually can help you get buzzed a bit faster as the type of carbohydrates in it will get the alcohol into your system quicker. This is why you can cut loose a bit even if the alcohol budget is small.

The alcohol is very simple you want to use grain alcohol. This is not available in every state and is very strong. If you can’t find that plain cheap vodka works very well. You do not need to use expensive stuff like Grey Goose or Absolute Vodka in this since its mixed. I usually use a fifth of vodka I use that. With grain I would recommend a half pint and then a half pint of vodka as grain in pretty strong. In addition to the clear alcohol that you use you will need some peach schnapps. I use a fifth of this if I can find it with the mix of clear alcohol. Once you have all of the ingredients together you want to mix it. The main thing is if using grain you really need to back off how much you use as it’s very strong. I like to let this chill in the fridge for a least a few hours and keep it on ice while at the party.

When you are ready to serve this you can get very creative. I serve in plain cups that I got at a party store closeout that I have several dozen of. I also like to put a lollipop of some sort upside down into the drink. Typically I use a tootsie pop unwrapped. I have also put hard candy in the bottom of the glasses like Atomic Fireballs or Alexander the Grape.

Drink up and enjoy. Remember you need to be around to enjoy the party, so don’t drink and drive. Also there are some sick people out there, so if you have a party in which you may not know everyone keep an eye on the punch and the ladies. Make sure know one tries to slip date rape drugs into it.



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