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Halloween Haunted Houses in Kentucky

Published by Ernesto Fabroquez


Located near Rupp Arena Screampark features live entertainment in addition to three prime attractions, which include The Castle of Fear which ends in a real graveyard (presumably the Lexington Cemetery), Insanity which contains scenes of torture and some gore (fans of Saw should appreciate this) and the Abyss which is a pitch-black labyrinth. This attraction starts Thursdays thru Sundays on September 24th and costs fifteen (15) dollars for general admission. Be prepared to wait a bit to see the attractions as this is a popular destination for Central Kentuckians who want to get their Halloween freak on.

Baxter Avenue Morgue – 2

This attraction in Louisville is supposedly haunted, though I can’t imagine why. After all, it’s only a morgue. One of my friends said you can actually stay the night in the morgue – IF YOU DARE!!! This attraction is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday starting in October. Admission is fifteen (15) dollars for adults and eight (8) dollars for children.

Misery Manor – 3

It’s back after a six-year abscence in a new location. That’s pretty much all I could glean from the website. It doesn’t give a location but perhaps more information will come once it gets closer to the big day. At least, one would hope.

Nightmare Forest – 4

Located off I-265(aka the Gene Snyder) on Preston Highway in Louisville, the Nightmare Forest is a terrifying walk through the woods. It’s seriously doubtful that friendly woodland creatures will be abounding on your stroll through nature. Tickets are sold every Friday and Saturday in October for $19.95.


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