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Halloween Haunted Office: How to Turn Your Office into a Spooky Good Time

Published by Lamar Buker

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We seem to forget sometimes that we can have fun at the office. Don’t get me wrong, it will never replace good times at home or with friends or family. It is however where you spend a good chunk of your week, so why not make it a bit enjoyable? With Halloween coming, it’s a perfect opportunity to bring together the team and make it fun for you and the kids. I once worked at an office that liked to have a good time–and even encouraged the employees to do so. We had fun throughout the year with all the holidays and even had an organized program for Bring Your Kid to Work Day. Halloween was a blast and it’s because they let us have some time to decorate and then parade the kids through there. Everyone could stand behind that, and even if it was just for a day the whole team let their hair down and enjoyed a haunted good time.

We set out to turn our office into a real living haunted house. You obviously have to work with what you’ve got, but it was a pretty good showing. Each office would have something else in it to add to the spooky factor. First and foremost you had to have scary music on hand–that’s a must! So long as you have scary music playing in the background it can really help set the spooky tone almost immediately. We also turned off the overhead lights, and instead used smaller lamps that were safely plugged in just so you could see where you were going. We even changed out some of the lightbulbs to a blood red glow–it scared even the adults when it was put together with everything else.

We put a makeshift coffin in one of the offices that was made out of a couple of paper boxes and draped in black cloth–when it’s dark and scary you can’t tell the difference! We hung a few makeshift skeletons throughout the haunted office, and of course had cobwebs strung from the top of each ceiling. Since going through a haunted house is all about the scare factor and never knowing what’s ahead of you, it’s an essential to rig up some things for this idea. Be sure to have people jumping out from under desks, or things flying through the air when you open a door. We had a “ghost” constructed of sheets that someone brought in tied to a doorknob so that when somebody opened the door, it jumped out at people. We even had somebody hide with a tape recording of a chainsaw–that noise is scarier than the person jumping out.

Just remember that there could be different age groups, so be able to tone down the scare factor if necessary. The person guiding you through should of course be dressed with a scary mask or witches costume for good measure. As you can see, with a few nice touches you can turn your office into a spooked haunted house. It doesn’t take much and is easy to clean up–and more importantly it offers a great team activity at this fun Halloween time of year!

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