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Halloween Healthy Eats

Published by Valene Streich

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You Can Have Halloween and Still Eat Healthy

Halloween does not have to be unhealthy. Any amount of candies, sweet, and sugar laden foods that you can keep out of goblins mouth is maybe one less cavity or pound for your child. Too much sugar and kids can sometimes not be the perfect brew. Besides healthy weight issues, there is tooth decay and an overly hyper child. Halloween falls on school nights often and this is another reason to not go overboard with sweets. Sleeping may be difficult after a sugar surge.

You can get creative and use healthy or not high sugar foods to make a Halloween celebration fun. Let the kids eat a small meal or create a Halloween themed menu prior to trick or treating. You might want to try some of these basics. My kids have always got a kick out of these snacks. Veggies are always healthy and filling.

Tomato “eyeballs”
Take cherry tomatoes and cut in half, use you imagination and use a combination of veggies, cheese, olives, and any garnishment to make a tray of eyeballs. Play around and get creative. This is simple to do and you can use what ever you have on hand. Do the eyeballs in different spooky positions for variety.

Dough Mummies
Use prepared crescent roll dough and mini hot dogs or sausage, Wrap the hot dogs in the prepared dough and leave a space out on one end for a face. Cook according to dough package and let cool. Use mustard and or ketchup to create a ghoulish face. Kids love these and they are filling.

Semi-healthy Cookies
Use chocolate or regular graham crackers and marshmallow creme to layer and add a top. Use some store bought sprinkles to stick to the sticky sides. If you would like, use a small tube of cake icing and draw ghosts or pumpkin shapes on the cookie.

Try the above recipe idea and use peanut butter or preserves. Remember to have fun.

Good Witch Wands
Melt dark chocolate or white chocolate. Carefully dip stick pretzels in slightly cooled melted chocolate and place on wax paper. Use glittery sprinkles to decorate.

Ghost Sandwiches
Use a cookie cuter or cut out by hand a ghost shaped piece of bread. Use desired filling and make face on the ghost with chopped olive or another condiment. If you use peanut butter for your spread, use a sweet condiment or small pieces of candy.

Red Popcorn
Pop pop corn according to the directions. Sprinkle with paprika and red seasoned salt to give it a red appearance.

Deviled Eggs
Make the deviled eggs as you normally would and sprinkle with paprika. If you desire you can add green food coloring into the mix before putting it in the egg and make rotten eyes. Sprinkle with paprika if you would like a res color.

You see the above examples are quick healthy alternatives to a totally sweet Halloween. Get creative and see if you can come up with other ideas, and better yet let the kids help. After trick or treating, allow for some of the favorite sweets and make a bowl of candy to leave in plain site. Then monitor the amount of candy eaten. Do everything in moderation.



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